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Tia Dalma is a character in Kingdom Hearts III.


Tia Dalma's personality is flirty and playful (according to the legend, Calypso was something of a seductress), and she enjoys speaking in riddles. She speaks with a thick West Indian accent, and all her "th"s come out as "d"s. Her language is Jamaican Patois, so she often uses grammatically strange phrases, such as "him carve out him heart."

Physical Appearance

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Kingdom Hearts III

Tia Dalma takes an interest in Sora, believing that the power of the Keyblade could release her from her bonds, whispering in his ear that she would offer him the aid of the power of the seas. However, Sora, Donald, and Goofy are separated from the group when defending the Black Pearl from the Raging Vulture Heartless. Washed up on an island, they are joined by Jack, who leads them to a hidden ship called the Leviathan. After a battle and race with Luxord to Port Royal, and a quest to collect some of Tia's magical crabs to repair the ship, it is revealed that the Jack that Sora has been traveling with was a copy that Tia Dalma created to keep Sora away from the oncoming battle between the Brethren Court and the East India Trading Company. Sora refuses to leave his friends behind and the Leviathan, which was made out of the magic crabs, becomes a new ship called the Highwind. Sora and his friends arrive just after Calypso's release (which takes place off-screen), and the Highwind aids the Black Pearl in the battle against the Flying Dutchman and the Kraken. After the battle, Calypso's magic wears off and the Highwind turns back into her magical crabs.


Tia Dalma is one of the characters in the Disney film franchise Pirates of the Caribbean.