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{{Images|animation of Thunderbolt}}
[[File:CS Thunderbolt.png|right]]
'''Thunderbolt''' is a [[Command Style]] that can be used by [[Terra]], [[Ventus]], and [[Aqua]] in ''[[Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep]]''. It is activated by using [[Thunder|Thunder-based]] [[Deck Commands]].
While using Thunderbolt, Terra, Ventus, and Aqua's attacks become lightning-infused and more powerful. The finisher consists of the player summoning a ball of light over his or her Keyblade then thrusting his or her Keyblade into it, causing multiple lightning bolts to come out of the energy ball, and raining down on enemies.
[[File:Thunderbolt (Aqua) KHBBS.jpg|thumb|250px|Aqua using Thunderbolt.]]
When using Thunderbolt, the user gains a bright greenish-yellow aura with sparks of electricity around them.
==Obtaining Thunderbolt==
*Terra gains the Command Style after defeating [[Experiment 221]].
*Ventus gains the Command Style after defeating [[Maleficent]].
*Aqua gains the Command Style after defeating [[Cursed Coach]].
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