Hello, Anselmo. I don't think we've met. I used to edit here as a staff member back when it was still a Wikia- before the split to and Fandom. (Yes, I am that old.) But I digress.

I've been getting back into editing and noticed an issue. Apologies for the delayed notification- as I said, I've been inactive/inconsistent with my activity for a while now. Please compare our page ( with your page (

In particular, notice the times. Your article was basically copied from ours within less than five hours. The user changed a few terms with synonymous ones- a shoddy attempt to avoid direct plagiarism- but the outline and content is still blatantly stolen from our site. The article was never reverted either- the stolen information still exists on the article as of my posting.

I realize this isn't specifically your fault. I also acknowledge that you are most likely sick of hearing about the whole plagiarism issues just like myself and the others are. That is why I am reaching out to you now.

It is obvious our previous attempts to rectify these plagiarism issues are not working- they still keep happening. Therefore, I have a proposal: For first-time offenders, a warning. Second time, a block for an extended amount of time. Third time+, an outright ban. Of course we too ( would follow the same proposal.

From what I've seen in my time spent as a staff member and editor, warnings don't mean much to repeat offenders- no matter how flashy or threatening the template may be. Both sites have enough issues and things to deal with than continuing to police each other over this.

Apologies on the lengthy message. If you and your staff disagree with my above proposal, I would be interested to hear what you all propose. If you have any questions or would like to talk, please feel free to contact me. I'm more active on or's Discord, but I'll check in here as well.

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