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The Mad Doctor is a minigame included in Kingdom Hearts III.


Kingdom Hearts III

After completing the 100 Acre Wood story, stay in Twilight Town and head back over to the "Now Showing" bulletin board across from the Moogle Shop. There you'll find a new promo film poster for The Mad Doctor.


"Rescue Mickey from the Mad Doctor's clutches!"


Avoid the ghouls and gadgets and guide Sora to Mickey's position on the top floor.

Step 1: Move over to the rope and press X to lower the ladder.

Step 2: Press Up to climb the stairs or hang from the spiderwebs. Use Left and Right to move along the spiderwebs and avoid obstacles.

Step 3: Press X to grab the torch, slay the spider, and then climb the threads to reach Mickey!


The Mad Doctor is based on Walt Disney’s 1933 animated short "The Mad Doctor".