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The Klondike Kid is a minigame included in Kingdom Hearts III.


Kingdom Hearts III

Go to Arendelle, enter The Northern Mountain/Gorge. From the Save Point, head down the Southern path until it forks. Take the left path and drop down the cliff, use a Dive Attack to break the rock revealing a large Treasure Chest containing The Klondike Kid.


"Race through the woods and teach Pete a lesson!"


Catch Up to Pete
Use Left and Right to weave around the trees, and leap over the chasms by pressing X . You can't leap over trees!

The Battle with Pete
After your sled falls apart, Pete will turn up and start throwing barrels. Press X to bat the barrels back his way. After enough hits, you'll put him in his place.


The Klondike Kid is based on Walt Disney’s 1932 animated short "The Klondike Kid".

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