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The Gathering is the name of the secret ending of Kingdom Hearts II.

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The video starts with the view of a desert. A semi-transparent Ansem's report scrolls down the screen where one of them explains a detailed article on the Keyblade. There are a few shots of metal objects lying in the sand. The screen shows a man in armour (Terra) standing amidst the desert waste, on the remains of a large construct decorated with various spikes. He looks to one side and sees another armoured figure (Aqua) approaching. Terra turns his head again and sees the third figure (Ven) also approaching. As Aqua and Ven come closer, Terra walks towards three keyblades standing alone in the wasteland, as the thing he was standing on dissapates in the same fashion as a dead nobody. The three keyblades are Kingdom Key, Way to Dawn and Mickey's Kingdom Key. Terra takes the Kingdom Key, Ven takes Way to Dawn and Aqua takes Mickey's Kingdom Key.

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The screen zooms out to show Terra, Ven and Aqua standing in the centre of a field of keychain-less Keyblades, one of which resembles the Fenrir Keyblade. They stand still for a few moments before something catches their attention and they all look up. A figure, too blurry to make out in the heat, is walking towards the three Keyblade Masters and words appear, briefly, on the screen in this order: "Master of Keyblade", "The lost two, "Memory of Xehanort", "Chasers", "Keyblade War", "It all began with..." and the screen goes blank showing the last caption entitled: "Birth by sleep".

Speculative Meanings

  • Master of Keyblade: Possibly Master Xehanort or Terra, Aqua, and Ven's master
  • The lost two: Possibly Master Xehanort and his apprentice
  • Memory of Xehanort: Possibly the reason behind Xehanort's amnesia
  • Chasers: Possibly meaning Terra, Aqua, and Ven who are seeking Master Xehanort and his apprentice.
  • Keyblade War: Possibly a war fought over the Keyblade, or between Keyblade wielders
  • Birth by Sleep: Name of upcoming game, also may have have something to do with the infamous "Room of Sleep" Xemnas created and frequently visits


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