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This article is about the Ethereal Blade. You may be looking for the location from End of the World.

Terminus is a pair of Ethereal Blades that can be wielded by Xemnas in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. It can be upgraded to the Terminus+ and Terminus++.


Terminus has a complex, cross-like design. The handle, tip of the blade, and the two protrusions on either side of the main blade are hollow diamonds of varying lengths. These four diamonds are connected in the center by a thin cross. The tip of the blade and the two side blades are connected to each other as well, leaving several gaps. This form of Ethereal Blade has a faint purple glow.

When striking enemies, it releases a burst of violet light with some horizontal white lines, and combo finishers release a large violet burst with a yellow four-pointed diamond-like shape on impact. The structure of the Terminus is superficially similar to the blades that the Unknown wields.


A "terminus" is the final point or the end of an event.

"Terminus" is also the Latin word for an end or boundary. It originates from the Greek root for "boundary".

Termination, on the other hand, means to destroy. It also means to fire someone from a position, particularly from the workplace.


Xemnas's abilities when wielding Terminus mainly involve the throwing of the Ethereal Blades. Xemnas's ground combo while wielding Terminus consists of a quick swing from left to right for the first attack, a quick double slash for the second attack, and then launching three Terminus blades in front of him in a vertical line: upwards, straight, and downwards. Both the double slash and the thrown blades have a knockback effect.

The aerial attack combo consists of Xemnas throwing four Terminus blades downward in a wide diamond pattern. The blades have a knockback effect.

The Terminus+'s combos are the exact same as for Terminus. Terminus++'s ground combo adds one more basic swing attack before the double slash; other than this, its attacks are exactly the same.

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