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[[File:Tent.png|thumb|160px|A Tent as seen in ''Kingdom Hearts II'']]
* [[Tent (Kingdom Hearts)]]
* [[Tent (Kingdom Hearts II)]]
'''Tent''' is an item that is found in ''[[Kingdom Hearts (game)|Kingdom Hearts]]'' and ''[[Kingdom Hearts II]]''. In ''Kingdom Hearts'', it restores all of the party's HP and can only be used from the menu. In ''Kingdom Hearts II'', it fully restores the party's HP and MP, and just as in the previous game, it cannot be used in combat, only from the menu.
In ''Kingdom Hearts II'', it costs 100 [[munny]] and it can be sold for 25 munny. It can be bought in any [[Moogle]] shops, Wantz's Item Shop in [[Twilight Town]], and [[Huey, Dewey, and Louie]]'s Item Shop in [[Hollow Bastion]] or [[Radiant Garden]].
==See also==
*[[Camping Set]]
[[Category:Kingdom Hearts Items]]
[[Category:Kingdom Hearts II Items]]

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