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Template:Wikiname is a template used for the display of the wiki's name, like so: Kingdom Hearts Wiki. It is different from the {{SITENAME}} magic word, which simply produces "Kingdom Hearts Wiki", with no italicization of Kingdom Hearts nor a link to Project:About.

This template is used on meta pages and other non-mainspace pages to modularize (i.e., create a variable whose value is changed in only one place) a properly formatted link to the site. This is helpful in the transfer of such meta and non-mainspace pages to other communities.

Similarly related to this function, Project space articles should always be linked using [[Project: rather than [[Kingdom Hearts Wiki:.


{{wikiname |<unnamed 1> }}


<unnamed 1>

This parameter has a variety of pre-set options.

  • about produces Kingdom Hearts Wiki
  • series produces Kingdom Hearts series
  • series-link produces Kingdom Hearts series
  • franchise produces Kingdom Hearts
  • franchise-link produces Kingdom Hearts
  • prefix produces KH
  • An empty parameter (i.e. the default) simply produces Kingdom Hearts Wiki

Note that for series-link, if you wish to produce Kingdom Hearts series in mainspace articles, you should substitute {{kh}}.

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