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Template:Mbox (message box) is a meta template used for the standardized presentation of messages, such as notices, disclaimers, or warnings. All message boxes are dismissible via the × symbol in the top right.

This template depends on Module:Mbox
This template uses Lua. To make adjustments to this template, edit the module page.


|header      = 
|text        = 
|comment     = 
|image       = 
|imagewidth  = 
|type        = 
|category    = 
|bordercolor = 




The header of the message box, presented in bold on the top line. This parameter is only required if the text parameter is not used.



The text content of the message box, presented below the header. This parameter is only required if the header parameter is not used.



Smaller text content placed below the normal text content. This should be used to add instructions as to the use of the template itself, but is not required (or necessary in most cases).



A small (see imagewidth) image placed to the left of all text content.


(default: "60px" )

The width of the image. Defaults to 60px. The height will automatically adjust proportionately.



Between a set of options, the value of this parameter determines the color of the thick border on the left side of the message box. These options include:

  • minor, producing a yellow color, should be used for message boxes that present an acknowledgement of an issue that need not or cannot be rectified immediately.
  • moderate, producing an orange color, should be used for message boxes that present a disclaimer of a non-pressing but serious issue.
  • important, producing a red color, should be used for message boxes that present a warning concerning a serious issue, action upon which is imminent.
  • policy, producing a green color, should be used for message boxes that present a policy page.
  • guideline, producing a blue color, ditto the above for guidelines.

If this parameter is not used, it will retain the default gray color. This parameter should be omitted for message boxes that do not necessarily present an issue or warning.

Although there are pre-set options, bordercolor may be used to input any color.



The value of this parameter will be injected as a category on whatever page the template is used. This is particularly helpful for page management templates.



If one of the preset type options is insufficient, this parameter accepts any valid color code as the color for the left border.