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This is a generalized enemy infobox—many parameters are optional, and you will rarely use all of them.

Enemies with multiple parts or forms, like the Parasite Grave, World of Chaos, or Riku, will still be handled as separate, hand-coded tabs.

The parameters have been grouped as per tab.

Profile Parameters
name English name
katakana Japanese name in katakana This line should also be used for Japanese names written in Kanji.
romaji Japanese name in romaji Romaji should be in modified Hepburn style.
japname Optional: Literal translation of Japanese name This should only be used if the Japanese name is different from the English name.
fr Optional: The enemy's French name.
de Optional: The enemy's German name.
es Optional: The enemy's Spanish name.
it Optional: The enemy's Italian name.
image The enemy's image. Use full image syntax, but no thumbnail or caption.
image# Optional: In the case of enemy characters, the enemy's image from later appearances, when different Use full image syntax, but no thumbnail or caption. If using this syntax, do NOT include image.
tab# Optional: When using image2, the games to which image and image2 apply. Use abbreviations for the games: KH, KH:COM, KHII, KHD, KHBBS, KHC. Separate with commas.
game# Games that the enemy appears in Use one entry per game, in the form game1, game2, etc. Do not list Final Mixes if the enemy appeared in the original game.
type Enemy's type Either "Heartless", "Pureblood Heartless", "Emblem Heartless", "Low-ranking Nobody", "High-ranking Nobody", "Organization XIII", "Unversed", "Somebody", or "Mechanism".
s#, f# Optional: Variations of the enemy For example, the Soldier infobox would list "Commander", "Stealth Soldier", "Deserter", and "Sergeant". Use one entry per species, in the form s1, s2, etc. Use the f# parameters if the link must have a different title than the enemy's name (Ex. "s1=Riku (Boss)", "f1=Riku").

Journal Parameters
journalKH The Kingdom Hearts of Kingdom Hearts Final Mix journal entry. Use <br> for line breaks. Do not put links in the text. Do not use the journal entries for character bosses.
journalSS The Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories - Sora's Story journal entry
journalRR The Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories - Reverse/Rebirth journal entry
journalRE The Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories journal entry (if it differs from the original game)
journalKH2 The Kingdom Hearts II or Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix journal entry
journal358 The Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days journal entry
journalBBS The Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep journal entry
journalCOD The Kingdom Hearts coded journal entry
journalKH3 The Kingdom Hearts III journal entry
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