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Template:Cleanup is for use on articles that need to be elevated to a higher standard of quality.

This template should not be used when an article is merely not of utmost quality. Rather, if a negative assessment of an article, in proportion to its popularity or importance, has been previously given, this template may be used to acknowledge its sub-standard state and efforts being made to address it.

This template may also be used if an article is currently undergoing major edits that will make it temporarily not presentable.


{{cleanup |type= |discussion= }}



(default: "moderate" )

The priority level, proportionate to the severity of the issue. As in the {{mbox}} template, possible options are as follows:

  • minor, producing a yellow color.
  • moderate, producing an orange color.
  • important, producing a red color.

By the nature of a cleanup issue, this template's default priority is set to moderate.



If a discussion concerning the article's quality is located on the article's talk page, this parameter may be used to link to that discussion (by copying the section header of said discussion).



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