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Temperance (テンパランス Tenparansu?) is a deck of Cards that can be wielded by Luxord in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. It can be upgraded to Temperance+.


A card from the Temperance deck has a roughly rectangular shape, albeit there is a spike shaped like those of the Nobody logo in the middle of both of the longer sides of the card and a circular indentation on either side of both of these spikes. The border is pale yellow. There is another rectangle in the center of the card, this one purple with a thin white outline, and another black one around that. A small, triangular indentation is present in the middle of all four sides of this rectangle. The top half of the rectangle sports a white, triangular symbol with three spikes like the ones on the Nobody sigil, while the bottom half sports the same symbol, though upside down.

Temperance is one of twenty-two cards that make up a Tarot deck's Major Arcana. It is numbered XIV (14).


Temperance's ground combo starts with Luxord throwing a line of cards forwards then flipping them over, followed by a narrow spray of cards forward. These moves are repeated once more before the combo ends with an upward spiral of cards.

The aerial combo consists of Luxord performing a spinning leap, surrounded in an upward spiral of cards before ending with a two-handed diagonal swipe downwards with a large card held in each hand. This weapon has no Y-Combo.

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