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Teleport Spike (テレポブラスト Terepo Burasuto?, lit. "Teleport Blast") is a Finish Command usable only by Aqua in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep and Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix. It can be unlocked as her Finish Command after defeating 800 enemies. In terms of equipment order, it follows Magic Pulse 4. Replacing a Command Style when normal attacks are used to fill the Command Gauge rather than Deck Commands used by pressing Triangle, it allows Aqua to spawn eight energy spheres. Tapping X when the on-screen prompts appear allows her to launch the orbs at opponents. Aqua also is completely immune to damage during Teleport Spike's execution. To end the sphere-launching combo, simply fail to press X when a prompt appears.

This command is similar to the finisher of Aqua's leveled up D-Link usable by Ventus and Terra.

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