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Keyblade Difference

Has anyone else noticed that in the gameplay videos for Birth by Sleep, the teeth of Ven's keyblade now face the other way. I only brought this up because the article says he strikes with the toothed edge, which, granted, he does in the original Birth by Sleep video. Insignificant, I know, just something that's been bugging me. Adaxredael 23:33, 26 February 2009 (UTC)


Can somebody please put english subs on the video with Ven in Castle of Dreams? Veroso 07:13, 7 March, 2009

Ven left-handed?

It is very strange for someone state that Ven is left-handed, as seen in the secret teaser trailer the Gathering and secret teaser trailer Birth by Sleep. Especially when we have all seen that Ven holds his Keyblade in his right hand in Birth by Sleep game play. I don't even see how that little bit was even put on his page when there is even a picture of Ven holding his Keyblade in his right hand.. The teaser videos may lay down the ground work, but it is rather silly to reference them as factual. Were I am getting is that the little bit on Ven being a lefty should be modified.



Ven meets xigbar


  1. Birth by Sleep was ten years ago. The Organization is younger than that given obvious clues—Nobodies didn't exist ten years ago (making it unlikely Xigbar met them).
  2. It's probably safe to say that Terra, Ven, and Aqua don't end well, creating a slim margin for Braig/Xigbar to have met them.
  3. Braig (as in, Braig) will appear in BBS, meaning an obvious opportunity to meet Terra, Ven, and Aqua.—Urutapu 06:57, 22 August 2009 (UTC)

should we have xigbar's "Goldfish" quote(if you get there you know the one) as a placeholder quote for ven's page.

No. Not only is that a trivial quote, its not really that important to Ven. "Staring at him like Xigbar killed his goldfish?" Wouldn't sound right. The important event is that Xigbar saw Ven instead of Xion.--Xion4ever 01:30, October 15, 2009 (UTC)

it's kinda funny and might well be better on braig's page in the Birth by sleep section.

Indeed, it was somewhat funny. But its a very trivial note that isn't worth mentioning. It's already mentioned on Xion's page (check the trivia), only in a more mature form (excluding the quote). If you wanna post your idea on Braig's BBS talk page, you'd probably get more responses.--Xion4ever 01:51, October 15, 2009 (UTC)

a question


Is that even confirmed yet? If it's not it shouldn't be on the page...

The Wikipedia says he is going voice Ven, but I dunno. I hope so.--NinjaSheik 20:04, October 31, 2009 (UTC)

I wouldnt mind...but has it been confirmed?! aah oh well. it believable i mean rly it just seems like all he has to do is make "The Roxas Voice" n and make it sound a lil younger. (i still havnt gotten over the fact that its Jesse Mccartney who voiced Roxas....but whatever) -Xero


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Once you're past the age of consent (as long as it is consensual anyone is fair game. I'm proof of this as 20+ years of difference existed between my parents when I was born.

And are you sure he says 10 too young to wield the keyblade? From what i've seen that line could be translated differently. It's definitely a crack about sora's age but he could also mean it's ten years too late for someone to have the keyblade. (if he'd showed up a couple years earlier we could have saved a lot of trouble)

The Armor

the part of the article about the armor needs to be edited. In the TGS 2009 trailer when he is riding his keyblade the armor is different colors, and recent scans show him wearing the same colored armor from the trailer. The cape has also been removed

Hmmmm...i was just wondering that. i HAVE seen Ven in 2 or 3 diffrnt armor colors. lets see...trailer one. scans...oh thats two. still. odd isnt it?

Roxas Ripoff?

I like to call Ventus the "Roxas Ripoff". Does anyone have a clue why Ventus looks like Roxas?

If its not in the article then all of us ar still guessing n wishing n hoping and ummmm...WAIT RIPOFF?!?!...-_- u wudnt like it if someone threw ripoff at the end of ur name...i dont like that. that hurts my feelings -XeroXero

How is Ven a Roxas ripoff? Chronologically, Ven came first. :P Adam 148 17:05, November 21, 2009 (UTC)

Ambixterous keyblade wielders

why is it only Xion,Roxas and Ventus are the only keyblade wielders that can use both hands well I'm abidexterous too but it seems rare (Naminépower)

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