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How do the summons "teleport" in KH2?

"While most of the summon spells on the first game gave a temporary body to the soul contained within the gem, the charm actually teleports the summonable character directly from their world."

What is the source behind this? It seems to be false based on gameplay, and an overcomplicated way to differinitate the summon system between KH and KHII. Genie joins willingly (though it seems incaurately because we get the summon ast the first visit to Agrabah and he says he'll help Sora at the end of the second visit) just like in KH, Chicken Little has no confirmed world and would make more sense under the rules in the first game, and Stitch is shown in Hollow Bastion, yet when we activate the summons Stitch seems to show up from the unnamed world that is theoretically Hawaii. Peter Pan is just confusing no matter how you dice it. I always assumed that Peter became a summons along the line of the rules in KH because he was not in his actual world when the Door to Darkness was closed (He was either in London at the Clock Tower, or on Captain Hook's Ship, neither of which are the actual Neverland as depicted in KH:BBS and KH:358/2). 21:28, April 29, 2012 (UTC)darthstich138.210.108.9 21:28, April 29, 2012 (UTC)

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