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== Move to own section? ==
I think that this article should be removed from the Magic section, considering you cannot find it under the Magic command menu button.
{{OotL|text= No because I believe in KH2 they are under drive or their own catagory don't remember which and they are a completley different thing from magic}}
{{Mm35|text=Anyone else notice how summons in KH2 are almost useless?}}
{{MM841|The river-Good charlotte|Yip, bar the geniie, and how do you level them up??}}
{{Xiggie|text=You level up summons by using them (I recommend the shadow area (dark city) in the World that never was. I personally don't like summons, I just leveled them up to get 100% in Jiminy's journal (to see [[The Gathering]] myself)}}
{{MM841|Danc floor anthem- good charlotte|Yeah, the genie is the only good one, I think i will just stick with my valor form, which i find the best}}
{{OotL|text= Well they are useless but a lot of the things in the game are you can win with minimal abilities but sometimes its just fun to use them. Also its cool to see the characters I loved getting [[Stich]]}}
==BBS Summons==
{{HOO|time=16:55, September 26, 2009 (UTC)|text=According to the Heartstation, besides Stitch, Cinderella and Mickey might be summons as well. This was taken from their trailer report:
''Among the action scenes, multiple summons are shown. A combination attack of Aqua and Mickey (Fantasia version), creating the “Holy Charge” attack. Terra and Cinderella together doing the “Dream Waltz” attack. And when Ven summons stitch, they do the “Ohana Beat” attack.''
The Cinderella one might be just an attack that Terra can use like when Sora and Queen Minnie have an attack together when Sora escorts her to the Throne Room.}}
¿How do a Summon Gem looks? --{{User:Lukethehedgehog/Signature}} 00:11, January 21, 2011 (UTC)

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