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== Move to own section? ==
I think that this article should be removed from the Magic section, considering you cannot find it under the Magic command menu button.
{{OotL|text= No because I believe in KH2 they are under drive or their own catagory don't remember which and they are a completley different thing from magic}}
{{Mm35|text=Anyone else notice how summons in KH2 are almost useless?}}
{{MM841|The river-Good charlotte|Yip, bar the geniie, and how do you level them up??}}
{{Xiggie|text=You level up summons by using them (I recommend the shadow area (dark city) in the World that never was. I personally don't like summons, I just leveled them up to get 100% in Jiminy's journal (to see [[The Gathering]] myself)}}
{{MM841|Danc floor anthem- good charlotte|Yeah, the genie is the only good one, I think i will just stick with my valor form, which i find the best}}
{{OotL|text= Well they are useless but a lot of the things in the game are you can win with minimal abilities but sometimes its just fun to use them. Also its cool to see the characters I loved getting [[Stich]]}}

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