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Here is a bit of info for YOU!

» Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, Tetsuya Nomura interview. The latest issue of Dengeki PlayStation magazine has included an interview with the director of the Kingdom Hearts series, Tetsuya Nomura. Here, Nomura discusses the English version of Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, revealing some of the game's additions. Kingdom Hearts Media have translated the interview, which can be read below.

Q: The North American version of BBS is to be released soon? A: Yes, it will be released on September 7. Even though we've added many things, the story has changed a little. Mark Hamill will be voicing Master Eraqus, and the voice of Master Xehanort is Leonard Nimoy, from Star Trek. A new mysterious enemy has been added. It's terribly strong, so winning is an achievement. You meet it twice, and the debugger had to try twenty times before defeating it once.

Q: Is it stronger than the Vanitas' Sentiment? A: We took a survey, and some people thought it was a little stronger than the Vanitas Sentiment, but others thought it was far stronger. Like the Lingering Sentiment of KH2FM+, its attacks are hard to predict, unlike Vanitas' Sentiment, which has movements that are fairly easy to read. The new enemy will use nefarious tricks.

Q: Is the new character also involved with the story? A: As with the Lingering Sentiment, at the time of KHBBS I can't reveal that.

Q: And the other major changes? A: Mega Flare proved too strong and violent, so we've weakened that ability. In addition, there were complaints about the reward for defeating Vanitas' Sentiment, so you will now receive his Keyblade as a prize. Such a modification is a fun novelty that fits well in KH tradition.

Q: Is there a new secret movie? A: No, sadly there is not, because we didn't have additional time. Instead, look to Re:coded to prepare you for the secret movie. Please look forward to that, as NA gets no mobile content. We considered many things, including KH:Days in the making of the secret movie.--Edgeshadow

Source for Master Xehanort and Master Eraqus's English Voice Actors.

So this doesn't devolve into an edit war, here is the source for it:

It's in Japanese, does anyone want to take a stab at translating it?

― 北米版「KHBbS」の発売が近いようですね。 野村氏:9月7日ですね。いろいろ追加要素もあって、ちょこちょこ変わっていますよ。エラクゥスの声はマーク・ハミル(Mark Hamill)さん、ゼアノートの声はレナード・ニモイ(Leonard Nimoy)さんに担当していただいたので、「スター・ウォーズ」と「スタートレック」の夢の競演になっています。あとは、謎の敵キャラが追加されています。恐ろしく強いので、まあなかなか勝てませんよ。デバッカーから「2度と会いたくない」、「20回やってようやく1回勝てた」などの意見が出ていました。

ETA: Tossing it into Google Translate gives us this: "Mark Hamill's voice is Erakuusu (Mark Hamill) says, the voice of Xehanort Leonard Nimoy (Leonard Nimoy)"

HarpieSiren 00:21, July 8, 2010 (UTC) has english info on the main page--My Keyblade + Your face = pwnage 15:52, July 8, 2010 (UTC)Chihuahuaman

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