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Oathkeeper KHD Please refer to the archived talk page for the current incomplete format which was made up for this page. The information on there is relatively complete up until Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance. Thereafter, there is practically no information.

I would like to have this article complete, as it's quite an important one, and is the type of article that newcomers to the series would want to see quite early on. Is anyone willing to work with me on this? Chain? FR? Draaek? Oathkeeper KHD


Hey, um... could one of you guys work on finishing up the timeline with the elements from Kingdom Hearts 3? That would be great. CB2014 01:59, February 24, 2019 (UTC)


Hey, I was wondering if I would be allowed to reformat the page in order to collect the information based on some form of chronology. I have a template that I've introduced to wikis in the past that dictates the date on the left hand side under which the chronological events can be written on the right hand side. I'd separate it into sections starting with the beginning of the Age of Fairy Tales (as it is unclear how far in the past exactly it is)  and then proceed from there (i.e. 1Aχ - or after the beginning of KHχ, which would contain information pertaining to this section from KHχ, KHχBC, and KHUχ, it is worth noting that Strelitzia states that two years had passed prior to the Keyblade War, with the fight between Aced and Invi taking place about a year after MoM disappeared - then 90 BKH for when Xehanort and Eraqus were born, using the same style all the way to the start of KH - which I would refer to as Zero Point just like they had in A fragmentary passage, containing what information goes here from A Fragmentary Passage, KH0.2, KH, KHRe:CoM, and KHDays - and then finally 1AKH, which would contain the events of KHII, KHRe:Coded, KHDDD, and KHIII) I can fill in all the necessary information myself as well, as I've been working on a similar project on my own. (Leviathan657 (talk) 17:27, March 17, 2019 (UTC))

That is a good idea. CB2014 19:28, March 17, 2019 (UTC)

All right, what kind of information should be included? Do i include the events of the Disney worlds as well? Or just main plot? And does information from the Novelizations count? I notice it's got its own section on pages like Vanitas. (Leviathan657 (talk) 21:49, March 17, 2019 (UTC))

How does this look?

Historical Timeline
Date World(s) Events
The Age of Fairy Tales Daybreak Town All Worlds are one, and Kingdom Hearts acts as the provider of Light and is safeguarded by its counterpart, the χ-Blade

Darkness grows in the Hearts of men, and weapons called Keyblades are forged in the image of the χ-Blade in order to claim ownership over its Light.

The Master of Masters possesses a The Gazing Eye capable of seeing fated events from the future. With this knowledge he composes the Book of Prophecies.

The Master of Masters takes on six apprentices, Aced, Ava, Gula, Ira, Invi, and Luxu, forging Keyblades from the depths of their Hearts. Each displays the Mark of Mastery.

Aced, Ava, Gula, Invi, and Ira are dubbed Foretellers, each receiving a copy of the Book of Prophecies and leadership of their own Unions of Keyblade wielders. The Foretellers are shocked to learn that the final entry in the Book of Prophecies details the expiration of Light.

The Master of Masters gives Luxu No Name, within which he'd placed The Gazing Eye. Luxu then receives his role to travel forth into the future, passing No Name onto an apprentice in order to ensure future events would be relayed back to the Master of Masters. In order to prevent temporal paradoxes, Luxu would not receive a copy of the Book of Prophecies, instead being tasked to remain out of sight with the Black Box, the contents of which shock and confuse Luxu.

The Master of Masters meets with Ira, providing him the role to take leadership in the event of The Master of Masters' disappearance. Although Ira seeks to avert the Keyblade War, The Master of Masters presses the fact that they cannot change what is fated to happen, rather they need to focus on what comes after. Regardless, Ira insists on trying anyway, resolving that it may be possible if they gathered enough Keyblade wielders.

With the Black Box in hand, Luxu leaves without a word to his fellow former apprentices.

In preparation for the coming wielders, the Master of Masters presents the Foretellers with Chirithy, intending for every wielder to have their own Chirithy to act as their guides, though he warns that, in the event a wielder is overcome with Darkness, their Spirit Chirithy will become a Nightmare .

The Master of Masters meets with Invi, providing her the role to observe her comrades in order to maintain the balance.

The Master of Masters meets with Aced, providing him the role to support Ira in his role as leader, adding that, in the event that Ira's leadership comes into question, it is up to Aced to step in and take on the leadership role.

The Master of Masters meets with Gula, delivering to him the Lost Page - a page intentionally kept from the Foretellers' copies of the Book of Prophecies - which he would use to discern the identity of The Traitor.

The Master of Masters meets with Ava, to whom he presents the most important role: to gather individuals with a particular resistance to Darkness, regardless of their Unions, into a separate faction, the Dandelions. Furthermore, he provides Ava a list of the five Dandelions meant to succeed the Foretellers as Union Leaders, with only one of them meant to inherit a copy of the Book of Prophecies. It would also be essential that the other Union Leaders did not know that this individual possessed the copy of the Book of Prophecies.

Shortly thereafter, The Master of Masters vanished, dimmed, and faded from the world. Ava and Gula relentlessly sought their Master following his disappearance, but to no avail.

Player, Strelitzia, and Elrena are chosen by the Keyblade and join the Unicornis Union.

Ephemer and Skuld are chosen by the Keyblade and join the Vulpes Union.

Player meets Chirithy, who teaches him the fundamentals of being one of the Keyblade's chosen, including his role in battling the denizens of Darkness, the Heartless, collecting Lux from them, and equipping Medals in order to empower his Keyblade.

Ira congratulates Player on his progress and instructs him on relying on his allies when taking on larger foes.

Chirithy teaches Player how to open Gates in order to access different Worlds.

Dwarf Woodlands The Queen is furious to discover from the Magic Mirror that Snow White has surpassed her as the fairest one of all. Meanwhile, Snow White, who has been subjected to rags and forced to do chores by her stepmother, meets The Prince, and the two fall in love.

When Player arrives, he is approached by Doc, who asks for his help in searching for his friends, as they'd been separated when the Heartless attacked.

With Player's help, Doc is able to reunite with Happy deep within the mines.

Wonderland Arriving in Wonderland, Player attempts to go through a small door, but is unable to pass due their size. The Doorknob suggests that Player advises that drink the bottle that had just appeared on the table in the center of the room. When a Heartless steals the bottle, Player retrieves it and drinks it to pass through the door.

On the other side of the door, Player is able to regain their natural size by eating mushrooms and encounters Alice. Although Alice is relieved by Player's normality, she remains preoccupied with the White Rabbit's whereabouts and chases after him when he rushes by. The Cheshire Cat then approaches Player, who asks about Alice and the White Rabbit. The Cheshire Cat explains that the White Rabbit always appears to be running late for something.

Following Alice, Player finds her being threatened by a Trickmaster, forcing Player to intervene.

Agrabah After escaping the Guards, Aladdin and Abu return home and learn that Agrabah is under attack. Rushing on to the scene, Aladdin and Abu confront the Wily Bandit, which manages to defeat Aladdin. Abu jumps onto the Heartless in retaliation, but it disappears with Abu and leaves Aladdin unconscious in the desert.

Upon arrival, Player meets Aladdin, who suggests that Player turn back due to the danger in Agrabah. Ignoring Aladdin's warning, Player battles Heartless in the city. Accepting Player's help, Aladdin suggests that Player connect with the Guards, who always know what's going on - though they don't get along well with Aladdin himself.

Player does exactly that, helping out the Guards in defending Agrabah. Afterwards, Player joins Aladdin in venturing into the desert in order to search for a specific Heartless which he says he has unfinished business with. Although Aladdin is disappointed when the rumors prove to be false, he and Player manage to stop waves of Heartless from reaching the city.

Daybreak Town When a Gummi Ship falls from the sky, Player goes to investigate, finding that the Moogle has taken to collecting stray Gummi Blocks for himself. Player then meets Donald Duck and Goofy, who question why Player has a Keyblade. Ultimately, Player agrees to track down and defeat Gummi Heartless in order to collect enough Gummi Blocks to repair the ship.
Dwarf Woodlands While searching for Gummi Heartless, Player happens upon a letter in a bottle, which he brings back to Doc. Doc reveals that the letter is from Sleepy, who'd been hiding in the marsh, when the water rose and trapped him and Grumpy. Doc asks that Player try to help the Dwarfs, with Player arriving just in time to save Sleepy and Grumpy from a Heartless, guiding them back to the cottage afterwards to reunite with Doc.
Daybreak Town Returning to deliver the Gummi Blocks to Donald and Goofy, Donald expresses the need for Blocks to replace the engine, and Goofy points out that the Gummi Radar is acting strange - suggesting that it may be pointing to the Gummi Blocks that they need; which are in the direction of the market across the bridge.

Player seeks out the Gummi Blocks at once, but is surrounded by Wizard Heartless in the process. Just then, Mickey Mouse arrives via Star Shard and eliminates the Heartless with his Keyblade, Star Seeker. Mickey introduces himself to Player and asks if he'd seen Donald and Goofy, with Player explaining the circumstances that had brought them all together. Overjoyed to have landed in the right place, Mickey introduces Player to Chip and Dale, sending them with Player in order to help Donald and Goofy, whilst he looks into something. When alone, Mickey ponders what brought him to Daybreak Town if not the Star Shard, with Invi watching Mickey from a nearby rooftop.

On their way to Waterfront Park, Player discovers a core component to the Gummi Ship, something which Chip and Dale inform him they're going to need a lot of after assessing what Gummi Blocks were still missing.

Agrabah While searching for core components, Player runs into Hakim, who explains that Razoul had gone into the desert alone and had not returned, asking that Player look into the matter, as he could not leave his post.

While in the desert, Player finds Aladdin. Catching up with Player, Aladdin admits that he'd been investigate rumors concerning the Heartless that had taken Abu, however it wasn't him this time. Aladdin makes for Agrabah, asking that Player be careful.

Eventually, Player finds Razoul, who is being harassed by a Heartless. Player takes out the Heartless, and though Razoul is grateful, he is alarmed by the size of the Heartless he'd encountered in the desert, fearing what would happen if they made it into the city. Player then escorts Razoul back to into Agrabah, where they find that Razoul fears had been realized.

Player helps defend the city, but in doing so he encounters the Wily Bandit. Aladdin joins Player in confronting the Wily Bandit, but it soon retreats. Saddened that the Heartless got away again, Aladdin comes clean to Player about what had happened to Abu. While Player volunteers to help search for Abu, Aladdin says that he has to do it alone, but promises to find Player if he needs him.

Daybreak Town After delivering the core components, Chip and Dale finish repairing the Gummi Ship, but as they prepare to check the engine, Donald accidentally initiates the launch sequence. Should they not take off, the Gummi Ship would be destroyed, but fortunately, Mickey arrives on the scene to join his friends in the Gummi Ship, finally taking off toward their own world.

The Moogle constructs his own Gummi Ship, intent on extending his business to other worlds. However, he realizes too late that he'd forgotten to include a door.

Wonderland In Wonderland, the White Rabbit's pocket watch has lost its numbers. Alice elects to search for the missing numbers, and so Player joins her in order to keep her safe from Heartless.

While Alice's efforts prove fruitful, but when the White Rabbit's pocket watch is fixed, he realizes that he's running late and rushes off, with Alice following close behind.

Eventually, Player and Alice arrive at the White Rabbit's house, where he is distressed to learn that a giant Heartless is blocking his way into his house. Player defeats the Heartless, and leaves Alice to wait outside for the White Rabbit to emerge again.

From here, Player runs into Chirithy, who asks that Player meet it in Daybreak Town.

Daybreak Town Player meets Chirithy in the Fountain Square, where Chirithy expresses pride in Player's success and states that it was time for Player to understand how all of this came to be. Chirithy explains how, before the Master of Masters disappeared, he passed down the Book of Prophecies to five of his apprentices, who would become the Foretellers.

The Foretellers were shocked by the final entry, which stated: "The fated land shall be the battleground for a great war. Light will see defeat and expire, while Darkness prevails evermore." In order to prevent this, the Foretellers drew upon the power of the Book of Prophecies, with the Medals Player uses being one of these powers, harnessing forces from the future. Furthermore, Chirithy adds that while the Foretellers have the same goal, they follow different paths, asking that Player not lose sight of his own path.

Then, Chirithy asks that Player help him in eradicating the Darkball Heartless that have been appearing in several Worlds. After investigating, Chirithy learns that the Darkballs originated from a new world, Olympus Coliseum

Olympus Coliseum In Olympus Coliseum, Philoctetes mistakes Player for Hercules and berates him for being late, as the entries for the tournament were about to close. When Phil realizes his mistake, he shrugs Player off as a child. Hercules then arrives, and in hearing Phil's skepticism, Hercules looks Player over and decides that there is a real strength about Player, suggesting that Phil give Player a chance. When Phil claims that all the slot in the tournament are filled, Hercules offers Player his slot.

Player then makes his way through the entirety of the preliminaries, officially qualifying him for the tournament, though it would not take place for some time.

Agrabah Player finds that the Guards are looking for Aladdin following a rumor that he broke into a merchant's shop and stole five gold medals, and attempts to find Aladdin before the Guards do.

When Player finally him, Aladdin swears that he is being framed, and asks Player's assistance in finding the thief, while also battling Heartless. After defeating a Bag O' Coins, it relinquishes a golden medal, just like the ones that had been stolen. Realizing what had happened, Player and Aladdin track down the four remaining Medals by targeting the Heartless, thereby proving Aladdin's innocence.

Dwarf Woodlands After locating them, Chirithy tells Player that one of the Worlds' precious Lights is in danger, and guides him toward rescuing Snow White from the Heartless. Player then leads Snow White to the Dwarfs' Cottage, where she could remain safe. Unexpectedly, the Dwarfs mistake Snow White for a sleeping dragon and plan to ambush her. They are relieved to find that they are mistaken, and learn from Snow White that The Queen had tried to kill her out of jealousy, offering to cook and clean for the Dwarfs in exchange for letting her stay with them.

While Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs enjoy their time together, Player leaves the celebration, saddened by the prospect that he'd eventually have to leave his friends. Chirithy reminds Player that he and his friends would always be connected through their Hearts.

When The Queen learns of The Huntsman's treachery from the Magic Mirror, she plots to eliminate Snow White herself - using her magic to create a poisoned apple, which would cast anyone who ate it into a sleep-like death, and to transform herself into an old peddler woman.

While the Dwarfs were at work in their mine, The Queen approached Snow White and offered her the apple, which she claims to be a wishing apple. Driven by love, Snow White wishes to live happily ever after with The Prince, and immediately succumbs to the poisoned apple's spell.

Elsewhere, Chirithy urges Player to head back to the Dwarfs' cottage in order to save Snow White from The Queen's Darkness. However, when Player and the Seven Dwarfs arrive, it is already too late. The Dwarfs pursue The Queen into the mountains, where she summons the Wretched Witch Heartless. While Player clashes the giant Heartless, the Dwarfs continue ahead, where The Queen attempts to jostle loose a boulder in order to crush them, only to be struck down when lightning strikes the cliff.

As the Dwarfs mourn for Snow White, Chirithy assures Player that Snow White is merely trapped in sleep, though Player himself lacks the Power of Waking to rouse her from it. Fortunately, The Prince arrives in the forest and provides Snow White with True Love's Kiss, which wakes Snow White from her slumber.

Player vs Wicked Spider

Player vs Queen Bee

Daybreak Town
Olympus Coliseum Player vs. Cloud

Player vs. Cerberus

Player vs Guard Armor Ω

Player vs. Hades

Wonderland Player vs Trickmaster Ω

Player vs. Card Soldiers

Beast's Castle Player vs. Enraged Elk

Player vs. Huge Snowman

1Aχ Daybreak Town Gula breaks off his alliance with Aced.

Aced vs Invi, Gula, and Ava.

Player and Skuld vs the Darklings.

Player vs Ava (as Ira).

Gula vs Aced.

Ira seeks Gula.

Ava and Gula go their separate ways.

Agrabah Player vs Iron Giant

Player vs Fortress Crab

Player vs Wily Bandit

Daybreak Town Aced vs Player

Player and Skuld seek Gula

Ava vs. Luxu

Player vs. Nightmare Chirithy

Strelitzia is eliminated by an unseen figure and her Rule Book is stolen.

Keyblade Graveyard Player vs Aced

Player vs. Gula

Player vs. Invi

Player vs. Ava

Player is rescued by Ephemer and Skuld.

90BKH Destiny Islands Xehanort is born on Destiny Islands.

Eraqus is born.

72BKH Destiny Islands - Scala ad Caelum Xehanort is approached by Ansem, Seeker of Darkness, who had traveled back in time in order to provide his younger self a portion of his Heart and the ability to traverse time so as to collect thirteen incarnations of Xehanort meant to meet his future most self in The World That Never Was 73 years later.

Xehanort returns to his own time, losing his memory of what transpired on his journey through time. Feeling trapped, Xehanort sets out on a raft to explore other Worlds.

Through unknown means, Xehanort arrives at Scala ad Caelum, where he comes under the tutelage of The Master, alongside Eraqus, whom he would come to consider his brother.

Ansem remains on Destiny Islands, awaiting the arrival of the Keyblade’s chosen wielder.


In Scala ad Caelum, while playing chess against Eraqus, Xehanort initiates a conversation about the Keyblade War, inquiring about the “Lost Masters”, claiming them to be either the ones who started the Keyblade War, or those for whom it was started for. When Eraqus feigns ignorance, Xehanort recites the final entry from the Book of Prophecies, suggesting that Eraqus should know it as a prospective Keyblade Master. Xehanort then suggests that with the Gazing Eye, the future had already been written. Eraqus remains unconvinced, explaining that there is more to Light than meets the eye, as well as potentially changing the final outcome.

As Eraqus is put into checkmate, he calls on the Light of the past in order to ultimately best Xehanort. Xehanort accepts his defeat, noting that when the worlds need a defender, they’d pick Eraqus, though Xehanort offers his full support. Eraqus then preps a new game he’d heard of involving seven black pieces against a single white piece.

Xehanort and Eraqus both display the Mark of Mastery and ascend to the rank of Keyblade Master.

Xehanort obtains the ancient Keyblade, No Name, which had been mounted in the Land of Departure as a symbol of the Keyblade War.

After being scorned by The Master, who chooses Eraqus to be his successor, a rift between Xehanort and Eraqus is formed. Believing there to be more behind the one who forged the Keyblade and the purpose behind their creation than simply protecting the Light from the Dark, Xehanort seeks answers from other Worlds, and is tempted by the power behind the Darkness in the Lanes Between, discarding his Keyblade Armor.

Xehanort learns of the existence of the χ-Blade, which could be forged by the union of Hearts of pure Light and Darkness, and would subsequently summon Kingdom Hearts.

As Xehanort has long dreamed of stepping foot in a world untouched by man, and with knowledge of the imbalance between Light and Darkness and how Kingdom Hearts possesses beyond human power which according to legend could create the next world, Xehanort plots to achieve both through the construct of the χ-Blade; intending to create a new world in equilibrium.

Xehanort approaches Eraqus with this newfound knowledge, but when Eraqus learns that Xehanort seeks to recreate the Keyblade War in order to craft the χ-Blade – he clashes with Xehanort, only for Xehanort to defend himself with the power of Darkness – scarring and defeating Eraqus. Frustrated by Eraqus’ short-sightedness, Xehanort leaves, never intent on returning.

Xehanort coincidentally discovers Ventus and takes him under his tutelage, intending on taking Ventus’ body as his new vessel.

When Ventus proves to be too frail for such an ordeal, Xehanort becomes intent on training him in hopes of one day separating him from his Darkness and forging the χ-Blade from their clash.

30 BKH Terra is born.
28BKH Aqua is born.
15BKH Destiny Islands Riku is born.
14BKH Keyblade Graveyard Xehanort pushes Ventus to forge the χ-Blade before he is ready, ultimately deciding to harvest the Darkness from Ventus’ Heart when he is reluctant to wield it. This creates Vanitas, but in doing so, Ventus’ Heart becomes fractured and he begins to fade.
Destiny Islands Xehanort brings Ventus to the Destiny Islands to live out his final moments. Here, Ventus’ Heart is touched by the Heart of a newborn Sora, who helps to restore it, which Ventus displays by summoning Wayward Wind Keyblade. This interaction also affects Vanitas, who comes to resemble Sora.
Land of Departure

Knowing Vanitas could not contain his desire to cause harm to Ventus, Xehanort realizes that the two had to be separated, and so Xehanort brings Ventus to the Land of Departure for Eraqus to care for. Here, Xehanort encounters Terra, who Xehanort senses a desire for power within which could cultivate Darkness, resulting in Xehanort’s decision to take Terra’s body as his vessel.

While Xehanort and Eraqus speak, Terra and Aqua interact with Ventus, but their questioning leads Ventus’ unstable mind to collapse and he falls into a coma.

Keyblade Graveyard Vanitas experiences sadness as a result of his separation from Ventus, which grows into contempt, and self-hatred for himself for such weakness. From these negative emotions bore the Unversed, whom Vanitas would lash out against. Doing so however would cause Vanitas to reabsorb the Unversed, creating a vicious cycle of negative emotions.

Xehanort sows the seeds of Darkness within Vanitas, promising to reunite him with Ventus when he became strong enough, intending the two to clash in order to forge the χ-Blade.

Xehanort places a piece of his Heart within Vanitas, making him another of his vessels.

Radiant Garden Kairi is born as a Princess of Heart in Radiant Garden.
14-10BKH Land of Departure Ventus wakes from his coma.

Ventus continues his training alongside Terra and Aqua with the common goal of becoming a Keyblade Master.

After being defeated by Terra while sparring, Ventus is encouraged by Aqua and Terra, with Terra performing a mock Bequeathing ceremony to Ventus with his symbolic Wooden Keyblade.

Radiant Garden

Mysteriously, a girl appears in Radiant Garden without any memory of who she is or how she got there, only a vague recollection of four friends and a key - though she expresses concern over which World she is in. She is brought into Ansem the Wise's Castle, where she is dubbed "Subject X" and spends much of her time in a cell.

10BKH Land of Departure Xehanort has Vanitas spread the Unversed, creatures of negative emotion given form, across the Realm of Light in order to draw out Terra and Ventus after receiving word from Eraqus that Aqua and Terra were to undergo their Mark of Mastery.

Xehanort writes to Eraqus, planting seeds of doubt in him about Terra, revealing how he’d sensed Darkness within Terra when he’d met him 4 years before, and confirming his attendance at the ceremony.

Ventus awakens during a meteor shower, later joined by Terra and Aqua. Terra explains how each star is another World to Ventus, who doesn’t understand. The three spar in preparation for the Mark of Mastery, with Aqua gifting her friends Wayfinders to symbolize their unbreakable connection.

Aqua and Terra undergo their Mark of Mastery exam, wherein the Orbs of Light are tainted by Xehanort’s Darkness and attack Ventus. After the three beat back the threat, Aqua and Terra battle one another, and Terra gives in to his own Darkness, leading to Eraqus declaring Aqua as the only one to ascend to the rank of Keyblade Master.

Outside, Xehanort tells Terra that, rather than fearing his Darkness, Terra should learn to channel it instead. Xehanort then leaves via a Corridor of Darkness.

Eraqus tells Aqua of a mechanism of the Land of Departure in which the world can be transformed in order to cast their enemies into oblivion, through utilization of the Master’s Defender.

Eraqus is contacted by Yen Sid, who warns him of the looming threat of the Unversed, negative emotions in physical forms. Eraqus attempts to contact Xehanort in order to warn him, but finds that Xehanort has disappeared.

Eraqus calls both Aqua and Terra in order to warn them about the Unversed. He also mentions Xehanort’s disappearance. Eraqus tasks the two with destroying the Unversed and locating Xehanort; offering Terra another opportunity to prove himself.

Eraqus tells Aqua to keep an eye on Terra, asking that if Terra’s Heart gets too close to the Darkness, Aqua bring him back to the Land of Departure.

Vanitas suggests to Ventus that he’d better hurry to intercept Terra, for he’ll become a different person. Vanitas leaves via a Corridor of Darkness, leaving Ventus to seek out Terra.

Terra leaves as instructed. Ventus, worried about Terra, follows closely behind him.

Knowing of Xehanort’s intent to forge the χ-Blade, Eraqus urges Aqua to bring Ventus back to the Land of Departure.

Enchanted Dominion Xehanort ventures to Enchanted Dominion, where he encounters Maleficent. During their lengthy discussion, Xehanort reveals the existence of other Worlds, the power of the Keyblade, Keyholes, the Princesses of Heart, Kingdom Hearts, and Time Travel to Maleficent.

Terra arrives shortly after Xehanort, where he also meets Maleficent, who uses the Darkness in Terra’s Heart to put him in a trance-like state in order to steal Aurora’s Heart. However, as Terra lacks the power to unlock a Heart, Xehanort does so himself; making Terra and Maleficent perceive Terra as the culprit. Terra is guilt-ridden over this experience.

Terra battles the Wheel Master

Dwarf Woodlands Moving on to Dwarf Woodlands next, Terra sees The Queen ask the Magic Mirror who is the fairest one of all. She is furious when it answers that Snow White is fairer than she, and so when Terra asks to use the mirror to find Xehanort, The Queen asks that in return, Terra kill Snow White. Upon Terra’s refusal, he is forced to fight the Magic Mirror, which is transformed into an Unversed by The Queen's Darkness. Upon its defeat, The Queen yields, and Terra learns that Xehanort is in a place where a great battle was once fought.

Ventus arrives in Dwarf Woodlands, befriending the Seven Dwarfs and Snow White, who he guides to safety after she’s attacked by the Unversed.

Ventus battles the Mad Treant

After learning that Snow White had encountered Terra, Ventus seeks answers – crossing paths with The Queen, though she is disguised as a peddler woman. She informs Ventus that Terra had threatened her with his Keyblade. Refusing to believe this, Ventus continues his search.

Castle of Dreams

Moving on to the Castle of Dreams, Ventus is shrunk down to the size of a mouse and caught in a mouse trap. He is freed by Cinderella, and befriends her and her mouse friend, Jaq, who Ventus works alongside in order to mend Cinderella’s mother’s dress so that she can attend a ball. The two encounter Lucifer, who attempts to stand in their way, but after a brief fight with Ventus, Lucifer retreats. The two are able to finish Cinderella’s dress in time for the ball.

Terra arrives shortly thereafter, where he witnesses Cinderella crying as the result of Lady Tremaine, Anastasia, and Drizella’s wickedness. The Fairy Godmother materializes and uses her magic to supply Cinderella a dress, glass slippers, and a horse-drawn carriage. After speaking with the Fairy Godmother, Terra makes his way to the Castle, where he escorts Cinderella to the ballroom, only to realize that a powerful Unversed, the Symphony Master, is near. After defeating it, Cinderella flees the ball as the clock strikes 12, leaving behind a single glass slipper. The Grand Duke tells Terra that the Unversed first appeared alongside a masked boy.

Terra then reunites with Aqua as he leaves the Castle of Dreams, telling her that Xehanort is seeking the Princesses of Heart, but that he’s not there now. Aqua senses the Darkness within Lady Tremaine, but learns from Fairy Godmother that Light and Darkness must co-exist. Fairy Godmother instead tasks Aqua to help Cinderella try on the glass slipper, as Lady Tremaine had locked her in her room. Aqua helps to protect Jaq, who had retrieved the key, allowing him to free Cinderella. Though Lady Tremaine destroys the slipper, Cinderella reveals the other one. Lady Tremaine’s hatred summons the Cursed Coach, however she, Anastasia and Drizella are destroyed when one of its bombs hits them. Fairy Godmother renews Aqua’s faith in Terra, revealing that he’d helped Cinderella’s dreams come true.

Dwarf Woodlands In Dwarf Woodlands, Aqua happens upon Snow White’s funeral. Looking for answers at The Queen's castle, Aqua runs into The Prince, redirecting him to the Dwarfs’ Cottage and Snow White. Inside the castle, Aqua is forced to battle the Magic Mirror, which then becomes inactive without The Queen's presence. True Love’s Kiss successfully manages to wake Snow White from her slumber.
Mysterious Tower

Mickey Mouse steals Yen Sid’s Star Shard in order to explore the Worlds.

Terra asks Yen Sid about the Unversed, and Yen Sid tells him that they are connected to Xehanort.

Enchanted Dominion In Enchanted Dominion, Ventus helps Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather free Aurora’s Heart by infiltrating Maleficent’s lair. Here, Maleficent informs Ventus that it had been Terra who stole Aurora’s Heart in the first place. Aqua then appears and urges Ventus not to believe Maleficent, as they know Terra better than that, suggesting that the two of them return home. Ventus refuses however and runs off on his own again, leaving Aqua at Maleficent’s mercy.

Maleficent traps Aqua in the dungeons, where she meets Prince Philip. With help from Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather, Aqua and Philip escape their cell and fight their way through the castle. However, when they return to free Aurora from her curse, Maleficent wraps a forest of thorns around the castle and transforms into a dragon to prevent them from interfering. Together, Aqua and Philip manage to defeat Maleficent, and True Love’s Kiss successfully manages to wake Aurora from her slumber.

Keyblade Graveyard After leaving Enchanted Dominion, Ventus once again encounters Vanitas, following him to the Keyblade Graveyard, where he demands answers from Vanitas. Vanitas merely restates what he’d told Ventus before and the two battle, with Ventus easily being outmatched. As Vanitas motions to kill Ventus, Mickey arrives using the Star Shard, saving Ventus and helping to defeat Vanitas. Vanitas says that Ventus is on probation before taking his leave. As Ventus and Mickey get to know each other, Mickey’s Star Shard transports them both to Radiant Garden.

Terra is summoned to the Keyblade Graveyard by Xehanort, who explains that the Unversed are the result of Vanitas, who was the embodiment of Ventus’ Darkness, which he’d separated from Ventus when it threatened to consume him. Xehanort suggests that Terra look to Radiant Garden, as it is likely to be Vanitas’ next target.

Radiant Garden Aqua sees Terra in the Lanes Between and opts to follow him.

When Ventus wakes, he attempts to track down Mickey, but is stopped by Dilan and Aeleus upon attempting to investigate the castle. The Trinity Armor Unversed appears, and although Dilan and Aeleus do not wish to leave the fighting to Ventus, as he is a child, Even reveals himself and suggests that Ventus will be fine, as he is “special”.

When Terra arrives, he attempts to follow what he believes to be Xehanort. In following him, Terra is distracted when he sees Merlin drop a book, the 100 Acre Wood, returning it to Merlin and learning that the book can unlock one’s potential. After examining the book, Terra sees the Trinity Armor Unversed and chases after it.

While Ventus attempts to pursue the Unversed, he is interrupted by Scrooge McDuck – who recognizes Ventus as being from another world – and gifts him lifetime passes to Disney Town. Next, Ventus runs into Merlin, who tells him of the 100 Acre Wood’s ability to unlock one’s potential – which Ventus indulges in – before continuing his pursuit.

Aqua loses track of Terra in Radiant Garden, but meets Kairi as she is fleeing the Unversed. Hiding behind Aqua and touching her Keyblade, a Bequeathing ceremony is unintentionally performed. Mickey Mouse teams up with Aqua to defeat the Unversed in order to keep Kairi safe. Aqua places a charm on Kairi which would bring her someplace safe if she should ever be in danger; believing their encounter not to be a coincidence. Aqua sees the Trinity Armor Unversed and pursues it.

Aqua, Terra, and Ventus converge on the Trinity Armor together and destroy it, though their reunion is short lived. Ventus gives Aqua and Terra two passes to Disney Town. Aqua and Terra argue while discussing their orders, leading Aqua to unintentionally reveal that she’s been spying on Terra for Eraqus. Hurt, Terra goes off on his own, with Ventus stating that Aqua had let her status as a Keyblade Master go to her head, following not far behind Terra.

Terra is confronted by Braig, who has captured Xehanort and forces Terra to fight him so that he can obtain the Keyblade. With encouragement from Xehanort, Terra taps into his Darkness and defeats Braig, scarring his face and causing him to flee. While Terra is dismayed that he couldn’t keep the Darkness at bay, Xehanort is supportive, explaining that Aqua and Ventus’ Lights cast shadows on Terra’s Heart, but that he managed to channel it himself. Furthermore, the reason Eraqus hadn’t dubbed him a Keyblade Master was because he feared the power of Darkness, asking that Terra instead become his pupil so that they can work together to bring balance to Light and Darkness; requesting that Terra see more worlds and put an end to Vanitas once and for all.

Aqua is the last to meet Merlin and learn of the 100 Acre Wood’s power.

Ventus intervenes when Ienzo is threatened by the Unversed. In doing so, Ventus earns Even’s thanks, who guides Ventus to Terra in the Outer Gardens. Here, Terra tells Ventus that he cannot come with him, but suggests that they’ll meet again when they need each other.

Disney Town Terra arrives in Disney Town, where Terra races Pete as “Captain Dark” in Rumble Racing so as to take out Unversed, learning that he doesn’t need to break or bend the rules to succeed.
Radiant Garden Aqua is confronted by Vanitas, who asks whether or not Ventus has gotten any stronger. When Aqua asks what Vanitas means, he attacks, and although Aqua is able to defeat Vanitas, he laughs, opting to keep Aqua around as a backup.

Ventus then arrives and asks to go with Aqua on the rest of her journey, but Aqua refuses, ordering Ventus to return home to the Land of Departure, as it’s too dangerous.

Defeated, Ventus remains in Radiant Garden, contemplating what it really means to be friends. Here, Ventus meets Lea and Isa, with Lea returning the Wooden Keyblade to Ventus after he drops it, calling it a kid’s toy. Lea then shows off his Frisbees and challenges Ventus to a sparring match, which Lea is quickly defeated in. Though Lea tries to declare it a tie, Isa chides him, and the three part ways; Lea vowing that they’ll meet again one day now that they’re friends. Isa questions why Lea always befriends strangers, with Lea saying that he wants to live on forever, before the two proceed toward Ansem the Wise’s castle.

An injured Braig attempts to gun Master Xehanort down, furious at being set up as "collateral damage", but Xehanort easily forces him to back down. When Braig remarks that a scarred face is better than a lost heart, Xehanort reveals that Terra is incapable of stealing a heart, revealing himself to be responsible for stealing Aurora’s Heart.

Xehanort places a piece of his Heart in Braig.

Disney Town Ventus arrives in Disney Town, where he is immediately greeted by Pete, now going by “Captain Justice” after his defeat at Terra’s hand. Pete tells Ventus about the Dream Festival, but is soon distracted when he notices Huey, Dewey, and Louie are having trouble with their ice-cream machine. After Pete’s multiple failed attempts to repair the machine, Ventus gives it a shot and succeeds after a few mere keystrokes.

Aqua is the last to arrive in Disney Town, where she is greeted by Pete as “Captain Justice”. However, when Horace Horsecollar seeks help with the Unversed terrorizing the Fruitball area, Pete flees, and Aqua volunteers instead. Queen Minnie Mouse then arrives and thanks Aqua for her service, explaining the purpose of the Festival of Dreams. Aqua remains to see who wins the Million Dreams Award, and when it is a three-way tie between her, Terra, and Ventus, Aqua accepts the award in their absence. Pete attempts to steal the Million Dreams Award, but is thwarted by Minnie, who then proceeds to banish him from the kingdom.

Olympus Coliseum Seeking new friendships rather than trailing after Aqua and Terra, Ventus finds friends in Hercules and Zack in Olympus Coliseum. Zack and Hercules battle one another to see who would be trained by Phil, but when Unversed appear and Ventus leaves to battle the threat, Hercules and Zack trail after him. Afterwards, Phil declares Hercules the winner for leaving first to help Ventus, though he’d always intended to continue training Hercules. Ventus comes to understand what true friendship means and has restored faith in his friendship with Aqua and Terra.

Terra arrives in Olympus while Ventus is still there and encounters Hades, who, in searching for a powerful warrior for him to manipulate and set against Zeus, convinces Terra to enter the games in order to learn how to conquer the Darkness. Hades uses the Darkness to control Zack and force him to go up against Terra, however Terra ultimately defeats Zack and frees him from Hades’ control, earning Zack’s admiration.

Shortly after Terra leaves, Aqua arrives in Olympus, where she meets Phil and Hercules. Hercules explains that he is hoping to become as strong as Terra one day, and with encouragement from Phil, who states that Terra could return at any time, Aqua reluctantly enters the games. Aqua qualifies to face off against Zack, who is hoping to defeat Aqua and qualify to face Terra again. Zack is defeated and Hades appears to gage the competition, calling Terra a coward for rejecting the Darkness. Hades battles Aqua with the Ice Colossus in the final match, and although Zack wants to help Aqua fight them, Aqua is insistent on doing it on her own, managing to successfully defeat Hades – who vows to return. Outside the coliseum, Zack asks Aqua out on a date, which she politely turns down. Zack is adamant however that they’ll go on a date if he can become a hero.

Deep Space After leaving Olympus, Terra enters Deep Space and was taken into custody by the Galactic Federation. Terra manages to escape custody with fellow convict Jumba Jookiba, helping him free Experiment 626. 626 then steals Terra’s Wayfinder, making Terra realize how much his bond with Aqua and Ventus means to him, encouraging 626 to learn what friendship is for himself. To prove that 626 is the product of evil and has no use for concepts such as friendship, Jumba pits Terra against Experiment 221, though Terra emerges victorious.

Aqua then arrives in Deep Space and battles the Unversed – encountering 626 shortly thereafter. Captain Gantu then arrests Aqua and brings her before the Grand Councilwoman, who charges Aqua with destroying the Unversed on the ship, as well as locating Jumba and 626. Not believing that 626 is evil, Aqua hesitates, wanting to talk to 626 about his own Wayfinder. The two battle the Unversed alongside each other. Aqua learns that 626 constructed his Wayfinder after meeting Terra and seeing his own. Gantu promptly arrives after and attempts to destroy Aqua, Jumba, and 626, failing to do so in the end and earning a scolding and demotion from the Grand Councilwoman, who had watched everything via the security camera. The Grand Councilwoman then apprehends both Jumba and 626 again, and Aqua asks that she consider sparing 626.

Ventus is attacked by the Metamorphosis Unversed in the Lanes Between and follows it into Deep Space. Here, Ventus boards a ship and is confronted by Gantu. When the Unversed attacked, Gantu ran in fear, while Ventus teams up with 626 to defeat the Metamorphosis. Gantu returns and attempts to arrest 626 again, however, with Ventus’ help 626 manages to escape aboard a red police cruiser. While fleeing, 626’s hyper drive is accidentally engaged, sending him and Ventus their separate ways as Ventus is thrown off by the shockwaves.

Neverland Mickey Mouse arrives in Neverland by use of the Star Shard, where he is confronted and taken hostage by Vanitas.

Ventus rests upon dropping into Neverland, only to be found by the Lost Boys, and Tinkerbell while they seek out a falling star they’d seen, opting to join them in their expedition.

Terra arrives in Neverland and saves Captain Hook and Smee from the Unversed, who tell him of a boy named Peter Pan who is intent on stealing the light within their treasure chest. Terra allies himself with the two, vowing to face off against Peter Pan in order to protect the treasure chest.

Ventus, the Lost Boys, and Tinkerbell meet up with Peter Pan, with Peter, and the Lost Boys opting to go after the treasure chest, while Ventus and Tinkerbell go to investigate the shooting star. Upon arrival they discover Mickey’s Star Shard, but it and Tinkerbell are taken by Captain Hook, who demands that Pan face off against him.

At Skull Rock, Peter distracts Terra so that the Lost Boys cold go after the treasure chest, though they drop it in their escape. Terra is confused when it’s revealed that the chest contains treasure rather than Light. Terra apologizes to the three and explains himself, leading Peter to rush off to rescue Tinkerbell. When Hook returns with the captured Tinkerbell, Terra frees her in retaliation for Hook’s deceit. Hook however instead flees when he realizes that The Crocodile is stalking him from afar. Terra then suggests that the Lost Boys put their precious possessions in the empty chest.

Ventus teams up with Pan in order to rescue Tinkerbell, but when they arrive at Mermaid Lagoon, they’re fired upon by Hook’s crew. After escaping, Ventus and Pan reunite with Tinkerbell, with Pan and Tinkerbell deciding to stop the cannon fire while Ventus goes after Hook himself. Hook is enraged to learn that Pan is still alive and engages Ventus in battle while The Crocodile circles nearby. Upon his defeat, Hook falls into the water and has to flee The Crocodile, while Pan, the Lost Boys, and Tinkerbell return - with everyone putting their prized possessions into the treasure chest. Ventus places Terra’s wooden Keyblade, asking for the Star Shard from Tinkerbell in exchange, which then promptly takes him to Mysterious Tower

Aqua arrives in Neverland and picks up a treasure map, which Pan, the Lost Boys, and Tinkerbell declare means that Aqua has to lead their expedition. After a lengthy romp around the island, the group arrives back where they’d started, where they discover that Hook had stolen back his treasure chest, though he is quick to abandon it when he sees that it’s full of “junk”. Aqua is surprised to see Terra’s wooden Keyblade, which Pan tells her had been left by Ventus.

Aqua then senses another dark presence nearby and returns to the Indian Camp, where she is confronted by Vanitas. Vanitas, having stolen the wooden Keyblade, states that Ventus has outgrown it, snapping it in two as he declares that he has also outgrown Aqua as his backup plan. After a vicious battle, Aqua defeats Vanitas, leaving him unconscious, though the strain also causes Aqua to lose her consciousness. She is later roused by Pan when he finds her, who is sad to see Ventus’ treasure broken, however, Aqua assures Pan that Ventus will be alright without it.

Destiny Islands Terra finds himself on the Destiny Islands, where he observes a young Riku and Sora. Sensing the Light within Riku, Terra performs a Bequeathing ceremony on Riku upon learning that Riku wants to become strong in order to protect his friends.
Mysterious Tower The Star Shard brings Ventus to Mysterious Tower, where he is brought before Yen Sid by Donald and Goofy. Although Yen Sid is aware that Eraqus had ordered Ventus to return home, he notes the similarity between Ventus and Mickey. When the issue of Mickey’s location is brought up, Yen Sid locates Mickey; having been taken by Master Xehanort to the Keyblade Graveyard. Though Donald and Goofy wish to rescue their beloved king, Yen Sid persuades them not to – knowing that they’re no match for the Keyblade Master. In order to repay Mickey for saving him from Vanitas, Ventus makes for the Keyblade Graveyard alone.
Destiny Islands Aqua then unexpectedly stumbles across Destiny Islands in the Lanes Between, where she too comes into contact with Riku and Sora. Although she considers passing the Keyblade on to one of them, she senses that another has already done so. Suspecting Terra, Aqua asks Sora to help guide Riku back to the Light should he ever stray from the path, which Sora promises to do. In the end, Aqua resolves that one Keyblade is enough for any friendship.
Keyblade Graveyard

Upon arrival, Ventus is reminded of his past by Xehanort, who reveals his intention to utilize Ventus and Vanitas to forge the χ-Blade, before casting him into the Lanes Between and suggesting that Ventus seek answers from Eraqus. Xehanort then calls Terra to the Keyblade Graveyard, where he tells Terra that Ventus’ life is in danger, as Eraqus would strike him down; leading Terra to frantically return to the Land of Departure.

Land of Departure Although Eraqus is initially overjoyed to see that Ventus has returned, when Ventus angrily questions him about his role in forging the χ-Blade, Eraqus realizes that Xehanort had not given up his dark aspirations and intends to utilize Ventus in order to recreate the Keyblade War. Seeing no other way, Eraqus prepares to strike down Ventus in order to thwart Xehanort, only to have Terra intervene. Terra throws Ventus through a Gate leading to Destiny Islands, while he engages their master; who is heartbroken over his failed attempts to reach Terra. After a tireless battle, Terra emerges victorious, and an exhausted Eraqus admits his own mistake in raising his Keyblade against his own apprentices. Xehanort then uses this opportunity to strike down the weakened Eraqus, who fades into Light, releasing his Heart, which then enters Terra’s own Heart to help fortify against the Darkness. Xehanort beckons Terra back to the Keyblade Graveyard in order to witness both Ventus and Aqua meet their ends, encouraging him to give in to the Darkness. Xehanort then destroys the Land of Departure utilizing his own Darkness before departing.

As Terra makes to leave the Land of Departure, he is confronted and challenged by Young Xehanort. After a rigorous battle, Young Xehanort accepts defeat and disappears without a word.

Mysterious Tower

Aqua, upon discovering Mickey unconscious in the Lanes Between, returns him to the Mysterious Tower, where Yen Sid informs her that Eraqus had been struck down by the joint efforts of Xehanort and Terra. While Aqua refuses to believe this, Yen Sid directs her to the Keyblade Graveyard in order to discover the truth for herself from Terra; warning her to be careful.

Destiny Islands

Ventus is confronted by Vanitas soon after arriving at Destiny Islands, who reminds Ventus of their past connection and provides Ventus with incentive to fight: threatening to kill Aqua and Terra. Left with no other choice, Ventus makes his way to the Keyblade Graveyard.

Keyblade Graveyard

Terra is the first to arrive at the Keyblade Graveyard, followed shortly thereafter by Aqua, with Terra explaining how he’d been manipulated by Xehanort into helping strike Eraqus down, however he vows that he will never go astray again. Aqua, on the other hand, is not confident in Terra’s ability to remain dedicated to the Light given that the foundations of Darkness lie within hatred and rage, thus by seeking revenge he was allowing Xehanort to win.

Ventus then arrives and tells Aqua and Terra about Xehanort's intention to forge the χ-Blade by forcing him to fight Vanitas. Scared of what could happen should Xehanort’s plans be realized, Ventus asks that Aqua and Terra put an end to him if he does end up having to face Vanitas.

Xehanort then arrives with Vanitas at his side and recounts the events of the Keyblade War, where Keyblades of Light and Darkness clashed in pursuit of the χ-Blade; something Xehanort intends to make his own.

Suiting up for battle, although Ventus makes the first move, Terra pushes him back and goes after Xehanort alone. Xehanort keeps Terra at bay, repelling his attack by striking him with pillars of stone from the ground, before elevating himself and sending Vanitas; who strikes Terra from above with Thundaga. Aqua then pursues Vanitas as he and Ventus attack one another; keeping Vanitas at bay with Magic. Xehanort calls the lifeless Keyblades to Vanitas’ side, with Vanitas jumping atop them and attempting to strike Ventus from above, while the Keyblades then redirect towards Terra, beating him off of the pillars of stone as he attempts to reach Xehanort and forcing Terra to break his fall by digging his Keyblade into the cliffs.

As Aqua motions to aid Terra, she too is struck from the sky and sent hurtling toward the ground below, much to Ventus’ dismay, though she is able to cast Reflect, which protects Terra as he is continuously berated by the lifeless Keyblades and brought up to Xehanort’s level. Although Terra attempts to fight Xehanort, his attacks are continuously parried, and with an opportunity presented to him, Xehanort uses Blizzard to freeze Terra’s arm. Ventus, having snuck up on Xehanort from behind, attempts to strike him down, only for Xehanort to appear behind him, grabbing him from the air and shattering his helmet. Terra attempts to intervene but is attacked by Vanitas again as he returns to Xehanort’s side. Terra is thrown from the pillar by the Keyblades just as Xehanort freezes Ventus solid and drops him over the cliff’s edge. Aqua is fortunate enough to catch Ventus before he hits the ground, with Xehanort then summoning Kingdom Hearts in the sky above.

Fed up, Terra uses his Keyblade Glider to reach Xehanort and Vanitas once more, demanding to know what Xehanort had done to Ventus’ Heart. When Xehanort reveals that he’d intended Ventus to undergo the same trials he’d set for Terra, only for Ventus to prove himself unworthy, leading to Xehanort’s releasing him of his Darkness, a furious Terra engages both Xehanort and Vanitas in one final battle.

Meanwhile, down below, Aqua and Ventus are approached by Braig, who asks that Aqua leave Ventus with him so that she can go fight Terra, suggesting that Aqua must be angry about Terra killing their Master. Braig suggests that Aqua and Ventus are only there so that when he finishes them off, Terra will succumb to the Darkness. This infuriates Ventus, who Braig teases, only for Aqua to suggest that no matter how hard they try, they will never split herself, Ventus and Terra apart.

When the time comes, Xehanort orders Vanitas to forge the Keyblade with Ventus and take Aqua’s life. Vanitas complies, diving off the stone pillar, and although Terra tries to stop him, he is kept in his role by Xehanort.

Braig, having bought Xehanort all the time he needed, flees – allowing Vanitas to strike Aqua from above. Ventus manages to free himself from his icy cage in time to save Aqua from having her Heart taken by Vanitas. The two do battle, and after a vicious fight, Ventus emerges victorious, and Vanitas declares that, with his body about to perish they’d have to join together. Vanitas sends the Unversed to pin Ventus down, allowing him to possess his other half.

As the χ-Blade is forged, a pillar of Light launches into the sky, and Xehanort takes the time to release his own Heart with No Name, in order to do away with his frail body in favor of possessing Terra so as to be able to survive long enough to witness the second Keyblade War. Terra quickly encases himself within his Keyblade Armor, but to no avail, as Xehanort takes his body for himself. With his Heart and body belonging to Xehanort, Terra’s mind resists and takes possession of his own discarded Keyblade Armor as the Lingering Will, entrapping Terra-Xehanort atop the pillar of stone in order to do battle once more.

Mickey arrives on the scene and rouses Aqua from unconsciousness. Aqua, seeing Ventus, is relieved to see he’s safe, but as she approaches him, he attempts to kill her with the now complete χ-Blade, only to meet Mickey’s Star Seeker instead. With Vanitas in possession of Ventus’ body and Heart, he declares that the χ-Blade will open a door to all worlds, from which Keyblade-bearing warriors will flock from and begin a new Keyblade War, just as the legend states. Demanding that Vanitas give Ventus back his Heart, Aqua engages Vanitas alongside Mickey, though the two prove to be no match for the χ-Blade.

Within his and Vanitas’ conjoined Heart, Ventus refuses to yield to Ventus, who vows to destroy both Vanitas and the χ-Blade. Vanitas scoffs at this notion, as Ventus’ Heart is also contained within the χ-Blade, and so destroying it would cast both their Hearts into oblivion. Ventus however is willing to do whatever it takes to save his friends, declaring his friends to be his power. As the two clash within their conjoined Heart, Vanitas is defeated, and both he and the χ-Blade fade into the Light alongside Ventus.

Aqua, realizing that she cannot contend with the χ-Blade, asks that Terra and Ventus give her the strength to continue, and with their Light, she once again clashes with Vanitas, managing the shatter the χ-Blade thanks to Ventus’ own actions within his own Heart. The destruction of the χ-Blade then triggers an explosion of Light, which casts Aqua, Mickey, and Ventus into the Lanes between.

The Lingering Will manages to defeat Terra-Xehanort just as the explosion from the destruction of the χ-Blade envelops it. While Terra-Xehanort is cast into the Lanes Between, the Lingering Will rests easy, vowing to one day right the wrongs that Xehanort had committed.

Mysterious Tower Mickey wakes and saves Aqua and Ventus, bringing them back to Mysterious Tower. When she wakes, Aqua learns that Ventus’ has fallen into a deep sleep that he will never awaken from unless his Heart can be guided back to him. As for Terra, Yen Sid informs Aqua that there is no sign of him following the battle with Xehanort. Intent on looking after Ventus until then, Aqua brings him outside, where Ventus opens a Gate to the Land of Departure.
Land of Departure - Castle Oblivion Here, Aqua is horrified by what has become of her home, and she takes the Master’s Defender Keyblade left behind by Eraqus, which she uses to unlock the Keyhole of the Land of Departure. This changes the world into Castle Oblivion, a place where Ventus could remain safely for the time being in the newly created Chamber of Waking.

Outside, Terra’s Heart calls out to Aqua, and she follows his call to Radiant Garden, where she discovers Terra-Xehanort.

Radiant Garden Not realizing the danger, Aqua approaches the man she perceives as her friend, only for an amnesiac Terra-Xehanort to lift her into the air, his hands gripped firmly around her neck. Despite this, Aqua manages to escape and engages Terra-Xehanort in battle, with Terra's Heart being ejected from his body part way through the battle, creating the Heartless known as "The One Behind",

During the battle, Xehanort and Terra’s Hearts struggle for supremacy, causing Terra-Xehanort to turn No Name against himself. As Terra-Xehanort descends into the Realm of Darkness, Aqua dives in to save him, unwilling to let her friend go. As the opening to the Realm of Light begins to close, Aqua realizes that they won’t make it in time and sacrifices herself; providing Terra-Xehanort with her Keyblade and Armor in order to escape without her, while she descends into the Realm of Darkness.

Destiny Islands Elsewhere, Sora’s connection to Ventus allows him to feel Ventus’ sorrow. With encouragement from Riku, Sora calls out to Ventus’ Heart and safely ushers him into his own Heart, where Sora allows Ventus to remain while he sleeps.
Radiant Garden Braig leads Ansem the Wise and Dilan to an unconscious Terra-Xehanort. Ansem asks what had happened to Terra-Xehanort, but the only thing he can remember is the name “Xehanort”. Ansem asks that Xehanort be brought to the castle, with Braig carrying Xehanort while Dilan carries Stormfall and Aqua’s Keyblade Armor.
Realm of Darkness After walking through the Realm of Darkness for so long, when Aqua is confronted by four Darksides, she initially intends to fight them back, but then relents, believing it best to allow herself to fade into the Darkness. Just then, Terra’s Earthshaker and Ventus’ Wayward Wind appear before Aqua and take down the Heartless, sparking renewed hope in the Keyblade Master.
Radiant Garden Within Terra-Xehanort’ Heart, Master Xehanort wonders how Terra can still remain there after being possessed, with Terra explaining that it was still his body and Heart and that he will expel Xehanort one day. Xehanort merely shrugs this off, convinced that Terra can’t repel the Darkness, having been unable to do so on his own. However, Terra reveals to Xehanort that he is not alone, with Xehanort realizing that Eraqus was now a part of Terra’s Heart. Xehanort remains unconcerned, as he made sure that Terra was only one of the many roads he could choose to take.

Braig approaches Xehanort, having hoped that Xehanort’s lost memories were just a sick joke and ensuring that Xehanort was not in fact Terra, Braig vows to watch out for Xehanort.

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