all that i know of kairi is that she was born in the radient garden and was raised by her grandmother and could hear her grandma's story about the light and about how the first people became darkness and can hear it a million times without getting board her heart is pear light she is one of the seven princesses and lived on the destiny islands and befriended sora and riku at a young age had many adventures with them when they got older when sora sacrifices his heart for kairi becuase kairis hearts was inside of sora and it goes back tho kairi then sora becomes a heartless but kairi saves sora from falling into darkness. after a while kairi waits on the islands for riku and sora's safe return home to the destiny islands but they dont return. when kairi gets older she is still waiting on the island for sora and riku so kairi goes and finds them herself. sorry if i left anything out but thats all that i know im still playing the game