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Aqua's Fault

After playing through KHBBS, I have noticed that almost everything that Aqua does throughout the story actually causes the events of KH1 to become possible, and in consequence, the rest of the series. First and foremost, Aqua put the spell on Kairi so that if her light were in danger, her heart would be led to the light of another, which is how Kairi's heart became part of Sora's when Destiny Islands was destroyed. In the last part of her story, Aqua used Eraqus's Keyblade and hid Ventus inside Castle Oblivion, which Organization XIII later is made to search frivously for Ventus. Finally, after she defeats Terra-Xehanort, she dives into the darkness to try and save him, and then sacrifices herself in order to return him to the realm of light. Because of this, Braig leads Ansem the Wise to Xehanort and he is made to his new Apprentice, allowing Xehanort to later on start the sequence of events that lead to the rest of the series. So as you see, Aqua's actions througout the game actually cause everything of KH1 to fall into place, and in consequence triggers the rest of the series.December31 (talk) 16:08, August 22, 2012 (UTC)

...This was common knowledge. There is a reason if you go to the BbS page on TVTropes Aqua's character section has the "Nice Job Breaking it Hero" Trope listed. Evnyofdeath 18:21, August 22, 2012 (UTC)

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