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Type Emblem Heartless Heartless Emblem
Kana/Kanji テイルバンカー
Romaji Teirubunkā
German Schwanzwedler
Games Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days
Enemy Music
Tension Rising
Tension Rising

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days

These large aerial Heartless are hard to hit in mid-flight. Strike their wings and tail to force them to land, then target the head, which is susceptible to Blizzard magic.
Hearts Lvl
42 22
HP EXP Def Stun
x5.60 x4.75 x1.50~2.00
Mission Lvl Rewards
17 14 Aerial Tech (100%)
59 30 Gear Component B (30%)
61 30 Gear Component B (30%)
Fire Bliz. Thndr. Aero
x-0.10 x1.60 x0.45 x1.38
Ignt. Frze. Jolt Toss
x0 x1.60 x0.10 x0
Twilight Town, Olympus Coliseum



The Tailbunker is an Emblem Heartless that is found in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. It is one of the bosses at Twilight Town.


Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days

In another mission to Twilight Town, Roxas is sent to eliminate the Tailbunker. The Tailbunker is fought at the Tram Common. Once Roxas enters this area he is instantly attacked by the Heartless. Once the Heartless is defeated, Roxas can RTC.

Physical Appearance

A Tailbunker is a large, draconian creature similar to a Wyvern with predominantly dark green skin, save for its belly, which is tan, and its wings, feet, and the tip of its tail, all of which are brown. Its body is rather thin, while its three-toed feet are quite large, each sporting yellow talons. Its wings seem rather short and bulky when compared to its feet and tail, and its wingtips are vaguely reminiscent of the Nobody symbol. The Tailbunker's tail ends in a large, misshapen club with three conical, yellow spikes on it, and its head is "V"-shaped and flat. It has beady yellow eyes on either side of its head, and its Heartless emblem is on its chest. It and its variations also have the distinction of having a lower jaw that splits in half when opened fully.


  • Fires a wave of homing fireballs at the player. This can be avoided by dodge rolling or blocking.
  • Leaps from one spot to another, causing a shockwave on the ground while it lands.

As always, Lock-On immediately. Right as the battle begins, the Heartless will fire a wave of homing fireballs at you, which can be easily avoided by Dodge Rolling or Blocking. It can also employ a spinning dive, during which the Heartless is invulnerable. When the Heartless gets within reach, leap up and perform aerial combos at its wings and tail to bring it to the ground. While it's down, it'll remain stationary for a few moments, so take that time to target its head and cast Blizzard spells to inflict severe damage. When it rises, it will begin leaping from one spot to another, spreading a small shockwave each time it lands; the attack can easily be avoided, however, by Dodge Rolling and jumping. When it stops, continue to unleash aerial combos and magic, and the Heartless will soon be defeated. Also, remember to use Potions and your Limit Break.


The former part of the Tailbunker's name references the size of the Heartless's tail. The latter part of its name could be referencing "bunkers" commonly used during wars for protection against falling bombs. This highlights the Tailbunker's ability to shoot fire balls from the air.

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