There is a great number of symbols that are encountered throughout the Kingdom Hearts universe. While some hold great meaning and are a recurring theme through the series, some are found exclusively in the strategy guides or other media.

The following list details these symbols, their significance, and appearances throughout the series.

Mickey Emblem

The Mickey Emblem, also known as the Hidden Mickey, is a silhouette of Mickey Mouse's Head. The Mickey Emblem is used in various worlds and on many items, most Disney related but with a few exceptions.


One of the series's titular symbols, a Crown is the traditional symbolic form of headgear worn by a monarch or by a deity, for whom the crown traditionally represents power, legitimacy, immortality, righteousness, victory, triumph, resurrection, honor and glory of life after death.

Crowns also may be in the form of a wreath and be made of, flowers, oak leaves or thorns and be worn by others, representing what the coronation part aims to symbolize with the specific crown. In art, the crown may be shown being offered to those on Earth by angels. In religious art, a crown of stars is used similarly to a halo.


The Heart is the one of the central plot elements and eponymous for the series title. While not associated with any group, it is mostly associated with a complete being, and variations of it are usually found as the symbol of incomplete creatures. A heart is usually associated with love, feelings and emotions.


The Key symbol is used to symbolize the Keyblade and how the Keyblade can lock and unlock certain things just as a key would.


The Keyhole symbol is used for the Keyhole of a world or a gate to a new world. The Keyhole symbolizes the unlocking of new paths while closing off paths already taken.

Keyblade Master symbol

This symbol is used to identify those who have achieved Keyblade Mastery. The color depends on the rank the Keyblade Master is. This is very similar to an upside-down Nobody symbol, which is because Xehanort referenced this for the Nobody Symbol.


χ (pronounced as "key" or "kye"), is a letter in the Greek Alphabet and used for the χ-blade. Master Xehanort was obsessed with obtaining the χ-blade, and his nobody Xemnas kept the fascination for the symbol χ, so he used a similar shaped X in each of the Organization Member's names.

  • Used as a symbol:
    • On the Keychain of the χ-blade, two Keyblades cross diagonally to reference χ's shape.


A Wayfinder (also known as a lucky charm until Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep), is a recurring symbol throughout the entire series. Wayfinders are originally designed after the Paopu Fruit from Destiny Islands which is said to tie friends together. Although Wayfinders are normally made from Thalassa Shells, as this is a rare material many people substitute Thalassa Shells with something else.

Heartless Emblem

This symbol, that of the Heartless's Emblem, is in the shape of a crossed heart and is used for the Heartless in general. It is specifically seen branded onto the Emblem Heartless.

Nobody Emblem

The Nobody Emblem marks every single Nobody and is used to symbolize Organization XIII. The symbol's shape is similar to an upside down Heartless Emblem.

Unversed Emblem

The Unversed Emblem is seen on every Unversed, excluding the Flood. It also represents Vanitas.

  • Used as a symbol:
    • Used on Ventus's and Vanitas's fused awakening.
    • Emblazoned on the Vanitas Remnant's helmet.

Dream Eater Emblem

The Dream Eater Emblem is a logo seen on Dream Eaters in promotional media for Kingdom Hearts 3D. There are two versions of the emblem, one is for the Spirits (allies) and the other is for the Nightmares (enemies).

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