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Switch Launcher
Type Emblem Heartless Heartless Emblem
Japanese Trade Launcher
Kana/Kanji トレードランチャー
Romaji Torēdo Ranchā
German Schaltkanone
Games Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days
Switch Launcher's Gallery
Cannon Gun
Silent Launcher
Ice Cannon
Jumbo Cannon

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days

These mid-sized cannon Heartless fire shots that rain down from above. Use dodge rolls or air slides to evacuate the target area.
Their head-on shots can't be blocked, and will also warp victims into point-blank range.
Regular attacks won't throw them off balance. Be careful.
Hearts Lvl
HP EXP Def Stun
x3.60 x2.58 x1.70
Mission Lvl Rewards
73 40 Shining Crystal (50%)
Fire Bliz. Thndr. Aero
x1.47 x1.87 x0.90 x1.98
Ignt. Frze. Jolt Toss
x0.40 x1.87 x0.40 x0
Olympus Coliseum



The Switch Launcher is an Emblem Heartless that is found in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. It does not appear in Mission Mode because it was removed from that version of Mission 73.


A Switch Launcher, fittingly, is shaped like a small cannon. Its body is yellow with white highlights and black rivets. It has four short, sharp, red legs, a large, red spike on either of its sides, and a black base. The Heartless's face is a black sphere with glowing yellow eyes set in the front of the cannon's body. The actual barrel of the cannon is black and has several green designs that cause it to resemble a face, with the mouth of the cannon being the nose. It also sports a short, curled, green fuse in its back.

The Switch Launcher's name references its ability to swap places with opponents. A "launcher" is a device that throws something, hence "rocket launcher" and related terms.


The Switch Launcher will use the same attack pattern of the Cannon Gun and similar Heartless, shooting a blast into the sky that then tracks you, represented as a Heartless Emblem that follows you along the ground. Use Air Slide or Dodge Roll to escape.

Alternatively, if you are standing in front of it, it may lean forward and fire a blast straight ahead, which can be easily avoided by Blocking or dodging. Both of its attacks will cause the Heartless to switch places with you. Staying close behind the Switch Launcher when attacking is an effective strategy, as you will not be distanced from it if it hits you.

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