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Sweet Memories (スウィートメモリー Suwīto Memorī?, lit. "Sweet Memory") is a Keychain from Kingdom Hearts II and Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix. It is obtained by completing the Hundred Acre Wood. As a reward for completing one of the game's side quests, the Sweet Memories is one of the game's few optional Keyblades.


The Sweet Memories Keychain is designed around elements of the Hundred Acre Wood world. It consists of a honey-covered honey pot handle with a model of a tree trunk as the blade's shaft. The pot resides to a red color, and the shaft of the Keyblade is a regular brown. The teeth of the Keyblade consists of a branch with bees and a beehive, due to Pooh's love for honey. Its Keychain design is a Honey Bee.

The former part of the Keyblade's name references the sweet taste of honey since honey is shown on the Keyblade. The latter part refers to the main objective in the Hundred Acre Wood in Kingdom Hearts II which was to help Pooh regain his memories of his friends.


The Sweet Memories Keychain is acquired upon completion of the Spooky Cave mini-game in the 100 Acre Wood. The necessary Torn Page is a requirement, and cannot be found until near the end of the game, so the Keyblade won't appear until late.


This Keyblade is the weakest of all the Keyblades regarding its stat bonuses; it provides no additional physical or magic power to Sora. Its use instead lies in its ability, Lucky Lucky, which increases the frequency of obtaining synthesis items from defeated enemies. This makes Sweet Memories part of the Lucky Lucky combo, which maximizes the party's chances of acquiring items.

Because it is one of the weakest Keyblades in the game, Sweet Memories is used quite effectively with Valor Form, as Sora levels up this form depending on the number of successful hits. Pair it up with Oathkeeper (the Oathkeeper's innate ability is Form Boost, which increases the amount of time the Drive Form can be used) to prolong the effect.

In Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix, Sweet Memories stats are altered; it has +4 magical power, but no physical power. Its innate ability has also been changed to Drive Converter, which turns most of the Munny orbs enemies drop into Drive Orbs when equipped, making it quite handy to use leveling up Master Form.

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