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Sven is a character in Kingdom Hearts III, and the best friend and loyal companion of Kristoff.


Physical Appearance

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Kingdom Hearts III

Sven first meets SoraDonald, and Goofy while passing a frozen lake with AnnaKristoff, and Olaf. Kristoff takes Sven and Olaf to find food while Anna and Sora talk. During the absence, the three are ambushed by Heartless, though they manage to escape, with Olaf missing since his body fell apart. Sora and the others retrieve Olaf's missing body, but his nose remains missing. Kristoff looks sheepishly at Sven, who then opens his mouth to show the carrot nose.

After they departed from the trio, Sven and the others make their way to the Ice Palace. Sven tries to lick the ice, but his tongue gets stuck, forcing him to remain behind while Anna, Olaf, and Kristoff enter the palace to talk to ElsaMarshmallow then chases them away.

On their way down to the village, Sora and the others encounter Sven and Kristoff. A snowstorm rises around the village and Sven goes with Kristoff back to the kingdom to find Anna. Sven is present when they witness Anna's thawing and Elsa's lifting the curse cast on the kingdom.

He later appears at the end of the game with all of his friends.


Sven is one of the characters in the 2013 film Frozen.