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This article is about Invincible (weapon). You may be looking for Invincible (ability).

Superiority is a pair of Ethereal Blades that can be wielded by Xemnas in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. It can be upgraded to the Superiority+.


Superiority is a cross-shaped weapon with a teardrop-shaped gap in the middle. The blade resembles the top half of the Nobody symbol. This form of Ethereal Blade has a white glow.


Superiority is the state of being highest in rank, and invincible means being impervious to harm.


Superiority uses the same combos as Aristocracy, only at a faster speed. For the ground combo, Xemnas whirls forward, slashing with both hands and ending with a right thrust, thrusts with his left blade, which extends a long distance, thrusts with the right hand, and finishes by launching three blades forward at once, in a spread pattern with knockback.

Upon striking targets, the blades create a circular, blue-green impact effect. Combo finishers create a larger effect.

For the aerial combo, Xemnas raises his blades and throws them down in a line in front of him (continue attacking to extend this attack), raises them again and throws them down in a burst with an area of impact and a knockback effect.

The attack combos for Superiority+ are the same as those for Aristocracy+, and they build on the ones for Superiority. The ground combo adds another left thrust and another right thrust before the finisher, and the air combo finisher, instead of firing the blades with an area of impact, fires them in four concentrated spots, in a diamond pattern.

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