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Subzero is a Shield that can be wielded by Vexen in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. It can be upgraded to Subzero+.


Subzero is a thin shield with ridges on the sides, causing it to vaguely resemble the Nobody symbol. A thin, downward-pointing spike juts out of each side corner. The upper edges of spikes and the top half of the shield, as well as the edges on the bottom half, are sky blue. The under edges of the spikes and the middle of the main shield are blue-white. The upper and lower sections of the shield are gold-colored. It is a palette swap of Absolute Zero.

Subzero describes temperatures that are below zero degrees.


Subzero's combo begins with a jab forward, followed by an identical jab forward. It finishes when Vexen poises the shield behind him, then hurls it in front of him, it going a good distance away before flying back into his hands.

Subzero's aerial combo is one of the longest Vexen has, it being capable of three moves plus a Y-Combo move. It consists of Vexen's 360 degree shield spin, which can be chained up to three times. Upon execution of the third 360 degree shield spin, a Y-Combo is prompted, and upon execution, Vexen will poise the shield above him, then strike the shield underneath him before it goes flying back into his hands.

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