Template:Game Stop (ストップ Sutoppu?), Stopra (ストプラ Sutopura?), and Stopga (ストプガ Sutopuga?) magic are spells used by Sora, Donald, and other characters and enemies that utilize the element of Time.

Along with Gravity and Aero, Stop and its more powerful forms were absent from Kingdom Hearts II, having been replaced by Magnet and Reflect.


Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep

Much like the spell in Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, Stop makes an appearance in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep.

Stop will give enemies the Stop Status Effects. Enemies inflicted by Stop will not move or attack for a short amount of time.

Time Splicer, an Attack Command only usable by Ventus and Aqua, inflicts Stop on nearby enemies and deals blows to the them, resembling the Lethal Frame sleight from Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories, except that you deal damage to multiple enemies.

Kingdom Hearts

By using Stop, Sora can prevent a target from moving for a limited amount of time. As the rank of Stop increases to Stopra and then Stopga, its range and duration increase. The duration of Stop, Stopra, and Stopga can be determined by taking Sora's Max MP and adding 2 to it. When a frozen enemy is attacked, no damage is dealt at first, but the accumulated damage is dealt when Stop wears off.

After the keyhole in Hollow Bastion is revealed, the efficiency of Stop against a foe is reduced to 60% of what it once was for many enemies.

Characters who cast Stop magic in Kingdom Hearts:

Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories

File:Stop KH RE-COM.png
Stop (card)

The Stop Card can be used for many Sleights in Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, all of which involve time-manipulation or paralysis. In Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories, certain objects in rooms have Stop-based properties, causing all enemies in range to receive the Stopped status effect, halting their movement both in and out of battle for a time.

Ability Description Obtained Requirements
Stopra Halt enemy movement for a long period of time. Obtain Stop. Stop (card) + Stop (card)
Stopga Halt enemy movement for a very long period of time. Obtain Stop. Stop (card) + Stop (card) + Stop (card)
Stop Raid Hurl the Keyblade and trigger Stop upon impact. Wonderland Room of Rewards (CoM only) Stop (card) + Kingdom Key (card) + Kingdom Key (card)
Lethal Frame


Stop time and deal multiple blows on an enemy. Level 32 (Re:CoM only) Stop (card) + Kingdom Key (card) + Kingdom Key (card)
Freeze Freezes nearby enemies. Attacking a frozen enemy deals greater damage. Defeat Vexen on the 10th floor. (Re:CoM only) Blizzard (card) + Blizzard (card) + Stop (card)
Warpinator Eliminate the closest enemy. Not always successful. Defeat Riku on the 8th floor. (CoM)
Twilight Town Bounty (Re:CoM)
Stop (card) + Gravity (card) + Aero (card)
Warp Eliminate all enemies in sight. Enemies that vanish will not drop prizes. Not always successful. Twilight Town Room of Rewards (CoM)
Agrabah Room of Rewards (Re:CoM)
Stop (card) + Aero (card) + Aero (card)
Bind Hold enemies in place. Enemies can still attack from their positions. Find Eeyore. (CoM)
Halloween Town Room of Rewards (Re:CoM)
Gravity (card) + Stop (card) + Fire (card)
Gravity + Stop + Any magic card
Teleport Rematerialize behind the targeted enemy, stunning it for a short time. Neverland Bounty Fire (card) + Fire (card) + Peter Pan (card)
Any magic card + Any magic card + Peter Pan
Stop (card) + Aero (card) + Potion (card)
Stop + Aero + Any item card
Cross-slash+ Cloud singles out an enemy and uses Cross-slash. Hollow Bastion Bounty
Clear Veggie Panic. (Re:CoM)
Cloud (card) + Stop (card) + Kingdom Key (card)

As a magic card, Stop can also be used within the following sleights.

Ability Description Obtained Requirements
Homing Fira Cast a Fira spell that seeks out the targeted enemy. Neverland Bounty (CoM only) Aero (card) + Fire (card) + Fire (card)
Aero + Fire + Any magic card
Homing Blizzara Cast a Blizzara spell that seeks out the targeted enemy. Atlantica Bounty Aero (card) + Blizzard (card) + Fire (card)
Aero + Blizzard + Any magic card
Quake Inflict damage on all ground enemies with a violent tremor. Atlantica Room of Rewards Gravity (card) + Simba (card) + Fire (card)
Gravity + Simba + Any magic card
Gifted Miracle Reload cards and reset the counter while restoring HP to friends and foes alike. Halloween Town Bounty Simba (card) + Fire (card) + Jack (card)
Any summon card + any magic card + Jack
Bambi (card) + Blizzard (card) + Potion (card)
Bambi + Blizzard + Any item card
Blazing Donald Donald flubs a Fire spell... Agrabah Room of Rewards (CoM) Fire (card) + Donald Duck (card) + Fire (card)
Fire + Donald Duck + Any magic card


Kingdom Hearts

Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories

  • Stop: A Magic Card can be obtained in the first treasure chest in Wonderland.
  • Stopra: Stock two Stop Cards.
  • Stopga: Stock three Stop Cards.


  • Stop magic is one of two standard forms of magic that do not have corresponding Gummi Blocks, the other being Reflect.
  • Stop magic can be used with Gravity magic to stop enemies while they are flat.
  • As with Thunder and Gravity, it is possible to beat Kingdom Hearts without obtaining the Stop spell.

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  1. This is mistranslated as "Lethal Flame" in the American version.
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