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The Stirring Ladle (かき乱すレイドル Kaki-midasu Reidoru?) is a joke Scythe that can be wielded by Marluxia in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days.


The Stirring Ladle is shaped like a massive soup ladle. Its handle is curved and has a small, oval hole in its base. The large “blade” is the head of the ladle. The entire weapon is silver.

The Stirring Ladle's name reflects its shape, which resembles an actual stirring ladle. "Stirring" can also mean "inspiring" or "disturbing".


The Stirring Ladle's ground combo begins with a swing to the the left and ends with Marluxia jumping forward before swinging it in a full circle.

Its aerial combo starts with an angled swing to the right, followed by a horizontal swing to the left. The scythe is then tossed into the air and allowed to spin a few times, and a full circle swing serves as the finisher. The Y-Combo is initiated on the second combo hit; Marluxia is forced down as he swings at an angle in front of him.


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