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[[Category:Emblem Heartless]]

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The Stealth Sneak is a boss from Kingdom Hearts.

A giant chameleon-like Heartless, the Stealth Sneak was sent to find the keyhole in the Deep Jungle. It corrupted the heart of Clayton, and used him like a puppet. Until it died after toppling on Clayton, crushing him to death.

The Stealth Sneak bears a resemblance to the Illuminator from Kingdom Hearts II.



In its first appearance, you will be facing the Stealth Sneak with Clayton as its rider. It is best if you focus on attacking this creature first, depleting its first HP meter to render it visible. The Stealth Sneak then acts a lot like Sabor. Continously attacking it and using Fire spells will do lots of damage. During the first part of the battle, you can also use Thunder spells to strike at both Clayton and the Stealth Sneak simultaniously. Three of these creatures appear later during the Hades Cup, but without riders.

It has two main attacks, a lunge and a "spell" of sorts. The lunge can be dodged by Dodge Roll. When visible, the attack can be seen by the stance it takes before lunging, but when invisible, the best when to "see it coming" is by locking on to it, since the stance involves it lowering the head, which is the thing that Sora locks on to. So when the Lock on ring suddenly lowers, dodge. Its other attack can be seen either way. Its hands start glowing and it will extend them, and when it brings them together, the attack launches. Simply time a jump with the movements of its arms.

Final Mix

The Stealth Sneak was redesigned with stripes to give it a more Heartless look.

Stealth Sneak (Final Mix battle)

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