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The Starlight is the default form of Player's Keyblade in Kingdom Hearts χ and a Keychain for Sora's Keyblade in Kingdom Hearts III.


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The most common form of Starlight, and its base form in Kingdom Hearts χ, has a rectangular blue guard and a black handle that extends into a silver blade. At the top of the blade are three protrusions: one is a silver five-pointed star that forms the teeth, another is a single point on the opposite side, and the third one, located at the tip, is a simple silver orb. A small gold ring is seen where the blade begins, and the Keychain is a gold star.

When the Keyblade is upgraded to +4 in χ, the entire blade becomes gold (save for the point where the teeth meets the blade), the gold ring becomes black, and the guard becomes a slightly lighter shade of blue. In addition, the point becomes blunt and gains concave protrusions of its own, and the orb is surrounded by a pair of gold rings. The star Keychain gains more resemblance to a shooting star, since it gains a short cyan trail that now connects it to the chain.

At +11, the section of the blade between the guard and the teeth becomes black and seems to have multiple golden cords wrapping around it, which are accented by yellow sparkles at certain points. The guard becomes a vivid indigo color, gaining two four-pointed stars at the bottom and a five-pointed star where the blade begins. The latter bears three indigo spikes with gold borders on either side, invoking the image of a ribbon. The teeth gain five new points, resulting in it becoming a ten-pointed star, and a purple border on the hollow inside. A dome-like shape connects that part of the blade to the main Keyblade, and appears hollow like the teeth. In addition, the point opposite the teeth is now hollow as well, and the orb at the tip becomes a golden sculpture of the sun featured on Upright Gems. The Keychain changes to mirror the teeth as well, becoming a ten-pointed star with an indigo lining. This is its final major change, as +35 simply grants it a sparkling golden aura around the entire Keyblade.