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The Spiderchest is an Unversed that is found in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep and Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix. It likes to camouflage itself as a normal treasure chest in order to lure in its victims, but there is always some detail that it fails to match.

Journal Entries

Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep

It's a chest...that's a spider. Got it? Good, because opening the wrong treasure chest could cause you an itsy-bitsy bit of trouble-poisonous trouble. These guys are always bad news. If you see one burrow, wait to catch it when it comes up for air.


A Spiderchest's body, true to its name, resembles a red treasure chest with black highlights and a black lock. It has yellow "teeth" lining the lid of the chest and three white, zig-zagging, bladed legs. The Unversed's spherical, black head is protected inside the chest. Its red eyes are set in a happy expression and the Unversed symbol adorns the top of the chest's lid. It is able to near-perfectly disguise itself as a large treasure chest, regardless of the world it is in. Its design resembles a Treasure Chest design from the Radiant Garden.

In Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix, the Spiderchest's red body is changed to an aqua blue, and the silver lining around it is changed to a bright gold, while the legs are changed to black. The teeth are changed from a dull gold to a white, resembling actual teeth. The overall design resembles a Treasure Chest from Castle of Dreams.

The Spiderchest shares its skill at deception with the Mimic from Final Fantasy, an insectoid enemy who also takes the shape of a treasure box in order to surprise anyone who tried to open it.


A Spiderchest, while large, is quite easy to defeat. It will mainly hide as a treasure chest, appearing only when a player tries to open it. Its main attacks are to stab players with its legs or burrow underground to attack from below. Command Styles and Shotlocks are good for dealing with multiple Spiders. Magnet magic is also effective. It can also spit a poison attack at the player, that becomes a pool a of poison, dealing poison status on impact. It is immune to stop magic except slow.


  • Poison Spit: Spits poisonous bubbles that, upon landing on the ground, creates poison pools.
  • Burrow: Burrows into the ground, attacking players from below.
  • Swallow: Chomps at the player and spits them back out, may cause poison status.

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