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Speeder is a type of Nobody Ship that can be found in certain Gummi Missions in Kingdom Hearts II and Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix, as well as in the battle with World of Nothingness.

It can be considered is a relative of the Knight Head. It speeds by faster than most Enemy Ships, and only takes a few shots when passing. There are also Red and Gold versions of this ship, which drop treasures when defeated.


A basic Speeder is a seemingly mechanical Nobody that resembles a small space shuttle. Its head, adorned with a white Nobody logo, is teardrop-shaped and has an antenna on its top. A conical gun is mounted in front of the Nobody's body, attached to a ring that is, in turn, connected to the main body.

The tip of its gun is yellow and the base of its gun is blue with several small vents lining it. Its head is white, its body is blue, and the ring that connects it to its gun is blue and tan.

During the battle with Xemnas's draconian form, a version of this Nobody appears with a black emblem and a body colored in shades of silver, white, and light blue.

The Speeder's name is a clear reference to the ships's speed and tendency to race past without firing many shots at the Gummi ship.


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