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-HD 1.5 ReMIX- to Armstrong
Armstrong+ to Blizzard Plant
Blizzard Raid to Claude Frollo
Claude frollo to Dark Crystal
Dark Depths (Radiant Garden) to Dream Eater symbol
Dream Eaters to Figun Bangle
Fin Fatale to Gilled Glider
Gimmick Card to Holly Olive
Holy to Kick Dive
Kijin to Limit Pass
Limit Recharge to Mega-Ether (card)
Mega-Potion to Mission 79
Mission 79: Eliminate the Giant Heartless to Omega Gear+ 6
Omega Gear 6 to Prince
Prince Charming to Rings
Rinzler to Shiranui
Shirarezaru Hiden to Striker
Stripe Aria to Thrust Rush
Thruster-G to Vague
Vague+ to Yuffie/Gameplay
Yuffie Kisaragi to Χ-blade
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