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Sorcerer Nobody, where the emblem of Nobody can be seen in it's bottom-left robe.

The Sorcerer is an enemy in Kingdom Hearts II who appears in The World That Never Was. It is considered the strongest of the lesser Nobodies because of their strong magical fields that can project and the fact they are resistant to magic. It is controlled by Xemnas, using blocks of energy in various ways, such as a shield, much like Xemnas did in Sora's first battle with him at Memory's Skyscraper

Journal Entry

A sorcerer. A high-ranking Nobody. Immune to magic, it attacks with invulernable cubes.

Watch out for the cubes while attacking the main body. The cubes disappear when the body is defeated.


The Sorcerer has a strange anatomy; it's body constantly pulsates (Ironic to the fact that it has no heart). It appears to wear a robe, much like one that it's namesake would wear , and it has the Organization's emblem on the front of its body. Instead of having distinct facial features, it has zippers forming a cross around its head.


The Sorcerer uses magic cubes which hinder melee attacks, and it lacks a reaction command. The battle can be shortened by using Reflect at the right moment to inflict significant damage. A well-timed Reflect can destroy a Sorcerer in a single blow.

Dropped Items

  • Twilight Crystal
  • Serenity Crystal
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