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Snowslide is a Shield that can be wielded by Vexen in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. It can be upgraded to Snowslide+.


Snowslide is a thin shield with a small, sky blue diamond at its center. This diamond connects the two main halves of the shield.

The top half angles left and then curves to the right and has a black right edge. The left edge has three curved spikes on it and is colored blue-white. The bottom half is identical to the upper half, albeit slightly larger and turned 180 degrees.

"Snowslide" is another word for an avalanche, a rapid flow of snow down a slope, from either natural triggers or human activity.


Snowslide's ground combo starts out with a small strike to the left, followed by a jab forward, ending with Vexen throwing it in front of him.

Pressing Y right after the ground combo will result in Vexen throwing Snowslide up, jumping, then slamming it down. The aerial combo is a small uppercut attack with the shield, then throwing it up and slamming it down.

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