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DL Snow White

Snow White (白雪姫 Shirayukihime?) is a D-Link in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep and Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix, usable by Ventus and Aqua. It is obtained after clearing Dwarf Woodlands.


While in link with Snow White, the characters can create whirlwinds of flowers or seven colored jewels to attack the enemies. Her commands, which are widely varied, are also named after the Seven Dwarves. They are Sleepy (Sleep), Grumpy (Treasure Raid), Happy (Confetti), Dopey (Mini), Doc (Group Cura), Bashful (Warp) and Sneezy (Aero).

The Level 1 ability, Gauge Boost, greatly increases the Command Gauge's rate of filling, allowing for quick access to her Finishers, while the Level 2 ability, Quickload, significantly increases the rate of recovery for her commands, keeping them readily available.


Level 0

Snow White- Avatar KHBBS
Command Deck

Level 1 DL SnowWhiteCommandBoost

Snow White- Avatar KHBBS
Command Deck

Level 2 DL SnowWhiteQuickReload

DL SnowWhiteAvatar2
Command Deck

Exclusive Commands


The Sleepy (ねぼすけ Nebosuke?) command is a renamed copy of Sleep.


The Grumpy (おこりんぼ Okorinbo?) command is a renamed copy of Treasure Raid.


The Doc (先生 Sensei?) command is a renamed copy of Group Cura.


The Sneezy (くしゃみ Kushami?) command is a renamed copy of Aero.


The Happy (ごきげん Gokigen?) command is a renamed copy of Confetti.


The Dopey (おとぼけ Otoboke?) command is a renamed copy of Mini.


The Bashful (てれすけ Teresuke?) command is a renamed copy of Warp.

Sweet Memory

Sweet Memory (スイートメモリーズ Suīto Memorīzu?, lit. "Sweet Memories") - Create whirlwinds of flowers that attack enemies.

Sweet Seven

Sweet Seven (スイートセブン Suīto Sebun?) - The character jumps into the air and creates seven colored jewels surrounding themselves. A random choice between the B t, B c, B x, and B s buttons will appear, if pressed correctly the gems will be launched at enemies. On the fourth and final attack the character will also swing their Keyblade making a shockwave.

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