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Snipers are Nobodies controlled by Xigbar. Snipers wield a crossbow and possess the same abilty as Xigbar to float and teleport. Snipers are found in the Land of Dragons (where they are used as a distraction by Xigbar) and The World that Never Was.

Journal Entry

It is very agile as it moves around defying gravity. Use Magic to stop it's movements for an easier battle.

It attacks using arrows of light. Ward them off with Warp snipe. Use this in succession for victory!


Snipers move the same way their master, Xigbar, does. Rather than actually move their limbs, they will teleport around the field and shoot at Sora. They will seemingly stand on nothing and ready their crossbows to attack. These shots can be very accurate. Their reaction command, "Warp Snipe", allows Sora to teleport in the same way they do, and literally bat the projectile back at the Nobody. If successful, it will hit the Sniper, damaging them, and rendering them defenseless for a while. What must be considered when facing multiple Snipers is that while warp sniping, Sora is still somewhat open to other sniper shots.


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