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The Snapper Dog is an Emblem Heartless that is found in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, where it is mainly found in Beast's Castle.


A Snapper Dog resembles a large, bright green dog with a massive head, and an equally massive, toothed maw. Its ears are long, stand on end, and curl at the tips. It has a crooked, green tail and four short legs with no discernible digits on its paws. Its long, red tongue is often seen hanging out of its mouth. The Snapper Dog's large, yellow eyes each sport a black spiral pattern. It also wears a large, yellow collar with several conical, dark green spikes on it; though because of the Heartless's size, it is worn around its waist instead of its neck. Its nose, paws, and the tip of its tail are all light green. Its Heartless emblem is on its rear.

The Snapper Dog's name refers to its canine appearance, as well as its powerful bite—"snap" can mean "bite".


Snapper Dogs will utilize two attacks when encountered, one being a long-range, damaging bark attack, and the other a biting attack. The biting attack can be Blocked to stun it, opening them up to more damage. If it does bite you it will deal moderate damage. The barking attack can also be blocked but does not stun the enemy. It can also be blocked by dodge-rolling before the bark hits you if Dodging-Deflect is linked to a dodge roll panel.

Magic would be the best choice to use. Make sure to watch out for the bark attack as it can induce silence, thus making magic useless.

Stats & Abilities