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Sora uses Ragnarok in Chain of Memories.

Sleight is the term used to refer to certain three-card combinations in Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories. They are learned by either Riku or Sora. Sleights may be learned upon level-up, or they may be acquired through story events (as in the case of Trinity Limit). More powerful than single-card attacks, magic, or summons, sleights are often used in boss battles.

Attack Sleights

Attack sleights are formed by combining 3 Attack Cards.

Ability Description Obtained Stock Value
Sliding DashSlide toward distant targets for a close range attack.Level 23 Attack Cards of the same type10-15
Stun ImpactStun surrounding enemies with a single attack.Level 73 attack cards of the same type20-30
Strike RaidHurl the Keyblade forward, stunning and dealing damage.Level 12Any 3 attack cards24 to 26
BlitzUnleash a powerful 3-hit combo upon the enemy.Level 173 attack cards of differing types10-15
Sonic BladeRocket across the field, striking down any enemies in the way. Press the A button (Triangle in re-CoM) for up to six additional attacks.Level 223 differing types of attack cards20 to 23
ZantetsukenBreak a card and render it unreloadable until the end of the battle.Level 273 attack cards0 or 27
Ars ArcanumRain a flurry of blows upon the enemy.Level 37Any 3 attack cards1 to 6
RagnarokLeap into the air and fire a stream of rays in front of you.Level 473 Attack Cards7-9

Magic Sleights

Magic sleights are formed from 2-3 Magic Cards.
See the Magic page for information regarding naming conventions and spell levels.

Ability Description Obtained Requirements
FiraSizzle the opposition with powerful fire magic.2 Fire cards are in possessionStock 2 Fire cards.
FiragaScorch the opposition with supreme fire magic.3 Fire cards are in possessionStock 3 Fire cards.
BlizzaraChill the opposition with powerful ice magic.2 Blizzard cards in possession.Stock 2 Blizzard cards
BlizzagaFreeze the opponent with supreme ice magic.3 Blizzard cards are in possession.Stock 3 Blizzard cards.
ThundaraShock the opposition with powerful lightning magic.2 Thunder cards in possession.Stock 2 Thunder cards.
ThundagaFry the opposition with powerful lightning magic.3 Thunder cards in possession.Stock 3 Thunder cards.
CuraRestore a lot of HP.2 Cure cards in possession.Stock 2 Cure cards.
CuragaRestore a very large amount of HP.3 Cure cards in possession.Stock 3 Cure cards.
GraviraDeal damage relative to the enemy's remaining HP.2 Gravity cards in possession.Stock 2 Gravity cards.
GravigaDeal damage relative to the enemy's remaining HP.3 Gravity cards in possession.Stock 3 Gravity cards.
StopraHalt enemy movement for a long period of time.2 Stop cards in possession.Stock 2 Stop cards.
StopgaHalt enemy movement for a long period of time.3 Stop cards in possession.Stock 3 Stop cards.
AeroraBlow away surrounding enemies and inflict damage.2 Aero cards in possession.Stock 2 Aero cards.
AerogaBlow away all enemies in a large radius and inflict damage.3 Aero cards in possession.Stock 3 Aero cards.
Fire RaidHurl the keyblade and inflict fire damage.Randomly found in a chestStock 2 Fire cards plus 1 Attack card.
Blizzard RaidHurl the keybade and inflict blizzard damageRandomly found in a chestStock 2 Blizzard cards plus 1 Attack card.
Thunder RaidThrow your keyblade and deal thunder damageRandomly found in a chestStock 2 Thunder cards plus 1 Attack card.
Stop RaidThrow your keyblade and cast stop upon impactKey to Rewards - WonderlandStock 2 Stop cards plus 1 Attack card.
Reflect RaidHurl the Keyblade and make it ricochet around to strike many enemies.Randomly found in a chest (midway through the game).Stock 1 Cloud plus 2 Attack Cards.
Gravity RaidThrow your keyblade and cast gravity upon impactKey to Rewards - Halloween TownStock 2 Gravity cards plus 1 Attack card.
Shock ImpactSimba's roar sends enemies flying and triggers Stop.Randomly found in a chest (Simba Card is in possession)Simba plus 2 Attack Cards.

Friend Sleights

Ability Description Obtained Requirements
Trinity LimitInflict heavy damage on all enemies in sight.Castle OblivionAny combination of an attack card, Donald, and Goofy (although in re-Com, the combination of Goofy, Donald, Attack in that order is dedicated to another sleight) will form Trinity Limit.
Goofy ChargeGoofy rushes at enemies, bashing and stunning them with his shield.Available from the beginning.Stock 2 Goofy cards.
Goofy TornadoGoofy whirls his shield around, bashing enemies on a wide area.Available from the beginning.Stock 3 Goofy cards.
MagicDonald double-casts Fira, Blizzara, Thundara, or Cura.Available from the beginning.Stock 2 Donald cards.
SandstormAladdin runs around while swinging his sword2 Aladdin cards in possessionStock 2 Aladdin cards.
Cross-slashCloud assaults the enemy with a three-hit combo.2 Cloud cards in possessionStock 2 Cloud cards.
OmnislashCloud swoops down from the skies, attacking enemies in a wide area.3 Cloud cards in possessionStock 3 Cloud cards.
Proud RoarSimba's roar stuns and deals damage to enemies on front of him2 Simba cards in possessionStock 2 Simba cards.
ShowtimeGenie randomly casts two spells chosen from Gravira, Thundara, and Stopra.2 Genie cards in possessionStock 2 Genies cards.

Riku's Sleights

Riku does not learn sleights upon reaching a certain level. Rather, he has access to four sleights throughout the entire game, unless Dark Mode has not been activated or he does not have access to a King Mickey Friend Card. As a result, MM Miracle is the only sleight Riku can activate outside of Dark Mode.

Ability Description Requirements
Dark BreakDuring this Sleight, Riku leaps into the air and attacks his enemies from above 6 times. Each time, he lands sword first on an enemy and then leaps into the air again. It hits random enemies.Activated by 3 Soul Eater cards totaling a ranged value of 5-15
Dark FiragaRiku shoots a dark fireball from his hand, which, despite its name, deals non-elemental damage. This means that it cannot be absorbed by Red Nocturne, but also that it doesn't deal extra damage against Blue Rhapsody.Activated by 3 Soul Eater cards totaling a ranged value of 16-25.
Dark AuraRiku flies across the screen several times, damaging every enemy he touches, and at the end stabs his Soul Eater into the ground, causing radial damage to each enemy caught within the range of the attack.Activated by 3 Soul Eater cards totaling 27.
MM MiracleKing Mickey appears and pulls out a card, which flashes a bright light that stuns all enemies, heals Riku, and reloads his deckRiku may use this sleight as long as he has access to at least 2 King Mickey cards, which must be placed next to each other in the sleight.

Re-Chain of Memories

In addition to the above sleights, Riku has a new sleight in Kingdom Hearts: re-Chain of Memories. For this sleight, Riku combines a King Mickey card with 2 Soul Eater cards or 2 King Mickey cards with a single Soul Eater card, which allows him to perform a new combo move with King Mickey, where they spin in a circle and attack all the surrounding enemies.

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