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Skysplitter is an Axe Sword that can be wielded by Lexaeus in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. In Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix, Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, and Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories, the Skysplitter is his only weapon.


Skysplitter is about a meter long, and has a blue handle roughly half the length of the blade. The top and bottom of the handle end in spikes resembling those on the Nobody logo. The blade is mostly black with a red edge and several other red patterns decorating it. The top of Skysplitter's blade curves noticeably and the tip is flat and fans out. The bottom edge of the blade is serrated. It also sports a strange, square, pale yellow guard on the opposite side of the handle as the blade. This guard is decorated with black lines on the corners and a thin, red "X" on the top side. Considering the size of the blade, this guard may act as a counterweight.


When Lexaeus has Skysplitter equipped, he can defeat most enemies with relative ease due to its great strength and the extra power it grants his Limit Break. The ground combo comprises of only two hits, an upward strike and then a powerful downward slam.

The aerial combo also consists of two hits, an upward strike and then an aerial, downward slam. If one presses Y when the on-screen prompt appears after the first hit of Lexaeus's ground combo, he will then proceed to knock enemies into the air, jumping and hitting them with an aerial, downward slam.


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