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The Skater Bomb is an Emblem Heartless that is found in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days.


A Skater Bomb has a thin, armless body with short, thin legs without feet. Its head is spherical and is blue, the same color as its body. Its head it covered by two halves of a sky blue shell resembling a stereotypical bomb. A large, jagged opening around the middle of the shell exposes the Heartless's glowing, yellow eyes. The top half of the bomb shell sports a long, black fuse. Its Heartless emblem is present on the front of the top half of the shell.

The Skater Bomb's name refers to its explosive capabilities, as well as "ice skating".


Skater Bombs should not be that much of a challenge to defeat. They do not have a lot of HP, and they are extremely vulnerable to offensive magic. While physical attacks can also defeat a Skater Bomb easily if one's level is high enough, it is highly recommended that the player use Fire or Aero magic against these Heartless.

They have only two attacks, one a spinning headbutt that can be avoided with Dodge Roll, Guard, Glide, or even a physical attack, and the other a devastating, ice-based explosion attack the Heartless use when at low health. This explosion has a 100% chance of dealing the Freeze status effect if it makes contact with the player, but it also destroys itself regardless of how much of their health remains.

The player shouldn't have to worry about the explosion; however, as the bodies of the Skater Bombs disappear and a countdown starts above their heads. This delay should give the player plenty of time to get out of attack range. A physical attack can also be used if enough time is left in the countdown to knock the Heartless away. If the player uses Fire magic to defeat these Heartless, they will detonate in a fiery explosion rather than an ice-based explosion.

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