Silver Rock is a Heartless enemy from Kingdom Hearts II. Bearing close resemblance to its predecessors, a Silver Rock is a type of magic-using Heartless named after its color and a form of music. Despite the name "silver," Silver Rock are the white member of the family. They utilize balls of energy and light as weapons, and can teleport. During its reaction command, Shift Shot, Sora launches the Silver Rock, in its light orb form, at another enemy.

Journal Entry

It quickly disappears into a ball of light, setting off an explosion when it reappears. Use reaction commands when it's in light form.

It easily resists magic, so don't be shy about using the Keyblade!


Fighting Style

When it first appears, the Silver Rock disappears into a sphere of light, compresses it, and teleports the light over Sora's head. When Sora touches the light, it sets off a small explosion that damages Sora and reveals the Heartless. The explosion can be averted, however, when the reaction command Shift Shot appears. After the initial attack, the Silver Rock will begin rushing at Sora for a body slam, using the first attack again every so often.


  • In the French version of Kingdom Hearts II, the Silver Rock is the only magic-using Heartless which does not have a type of music and a color in his name, as it comes under the name Bonbonnier.
  • Even though the Silver Rock is a Heartless, it strangely seems to control Light.

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