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The Silent Dirge is a Keyblade that can be wielded by Roxas and Xion in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. It can be upgraded to the Silent Dirge+.


The Silent Dirge's handle is black and has a wide, light grey pommel. Its guard has thin, black edges, lined by rectangular spikes, and does not connect to the bottom of the handle. It is predominantly violet, but it becomes pale yellow toward the bottom. The weapon's shaft is rather short, conical, and light grey in color.

The head of the Keyblade is predominantly violet that becomes pale yellow toward its base, with thin, black edges. The teeth are completely black and quite a bit larger than those of most other Keyblades, reaching halfway down the shaft. The outer edge of the teeth is lined by rectangular spikes of varying lengths, and there is a small, black protrusion on the opposite side of the weapon to the teeth.

The Silent Dirge's head and teeth are reminiscent of Lexaeus's Skysplitter. Lexaeus's title, "The Silent Hero", is reminiscent to the name. Its Keychain token resembles a violet cog with black inner edges and is lined by short, rectangular spikes. The Glimpse of Darkness is a palette swap of this Keyblade.

Musically, a "dirge" is a somber song expressing mourning or grief. "Silent" is the state of being quiet. This reflects the sadness of a dirge.


The ground combo starts with a horizontal slash to the right and continues by a slight jump into the air with a spinning slash on the right side. If you end the combo with A, you perform a thrust but if you end with the Y-combo, you jump back, flip the Keyblade, rush forward, and perform an angled, spinning slash from the left leg.

The aerial combo starts with a vertical downward slash, followed by a rush forward with a spinning slash on the right side, and ends with the same, spinning slash on the left side.

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