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KHREC icon.pngSigns of What's Next is the secret ending of Kingdom Hearts Re:coded. Like Blank Points, it uses game-engine graphics and voice acting, and ends with the phrase Reconnect. Kingdom Hearts, but does not tease a future game, instead serving as a prelude to the events of Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance.


Yen Sid realizes Master Xehanort's impending return

King Mickey and Yen Sid are seen mid-conversation in the Sorcerer's Chamber of the Mysterious Tower. Mickey says that they may be close to knowing the location of Ventus's heart, and Yen Sid concludes that the only one left to find is Terra (implying that they have already successfully located Aqua).

Yen Sid then proceeds to tell Mickey that he wonders what Xehanort's next intentions will be. Mickey is puzzled as to how Xehanort could even be around, as both his Heartless Ansem and his Nobody Xemnas have been destroyed by Sora & Riku.

Yen Sid explains to him that those actions actually freed Xehanort's heart from the Heartless Ansem and vanquished his left over body which had become his Nobody Xemnas, thus both halves' destruction have now lead to the reconstruction of Xehanort's pure and original incarnation: Master Xehanort.

Although Mickey assures Yen Sid that he, Sora and Riku will be there to counter Xehanort should he attack again, Yen Sid explains that Sora and Riku are not as powerful as a true Keyblade Master like Mickey and tells Mickey that one Keyblade Master alone will not be enough to face what is "not a single [Xehanort]".

Before Mickey can question this occurrence, Yen Sid orders Mickey to summon Sora and Riku to him to undertake the Mark of Mastery.

Reconnect. Kingdom Hearts


Unlock criteria

  • To unlock the secret movie, 20 trophies must be collected and the game must be completed.

In Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX, this secret ending does not need to be unlocked to be accessed.

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