You'll protect little ol' me, won't you? Mr. Knight?

—Shiki to Riku

Shiki is a character from The World Ends with You who appears in Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance.


Physical Appearance

Her appearance is the same as in The World Ends with You. She has reddish pink hair that is concealed by her cap, accompanied by orange eyes. Her attire consists of a red short sleeved shirt that exposes a large portion of her abdomen. Over this she wears a short yellow hoodie. She wears a necklace around her neck with a puzzle piece-shaped pendant. She wears a low-cut green colored denim skirt with a brown sack around her waist. She also wears a yellow bracelet on her left wrist accompanied with a ring on her pinkie finger and lastly she wears almost knee-length brown boots with yellow stripes on the sides.



Shiki (Art) KH3D

Shiki Misaki is originally a main character from The World Ends with You, another game developed by Square Enix. She was Neku's partner for the first week of the Reapers Game.

Shiki bears the appearance of her friend Eri whom she envied and thought superior to herself in every way. In The World Ends with You this was because of her entree fee to the Reaper's Game. She carries a hand made stuff cat Mr. Mew which is what she uses to fight in The World Ends With You. Although she doesn't control it, she aims it to where it is to fight.

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