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This article is about the Gummi ship enemy. You may be looking for Goofy and Vexen's weapon of choice.

A Shield is a type of Nobody Ship that can be found in various Gummi Missions in Kingdom Hearts II and Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix. It does not attack, but it cannot be damaged from the front. It can only be destroyed by shooting it from behind, but it sometimes hides enemies behind itself. There are also Red and Gold versions which drop treasures when defeated.


A basic Shield's body is a large, flat, and vaguely heart-shaped. It is a faded blue color with a pale yellow border and a black hole in its center. This hole has a pale yellow ring around it and four glowing blue, teardrop-shaped lights around it. Its head—which is placed in a deep indent at the top of its body and juts outward slightly—is jar-shaped, blue, and has a spike on its flat top. A white Nobody logo is emblazoned on its face. A semi-circular blade is connected to either side of the Shield's body. Both of these blades are faded blue with blue edges.

The Shield's name is a clear reference to a shield, which its body strongly resembles.

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