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Shan-Yu is a boss fought at The Land of Dragons in Kingdom Hearts II.


Shan-Yu is fast moving and swift, but his attack power is relatively low. To begin, rush in and start attacking immediately, preferably in Valor Form. The Heartless will appear randomly and start attacking the gate. When this occurs, it is best to defeat them immediately since the protection of the gate is the main goal. It is advised that in order to keep the gate's defenses high, Sora should pick up the orbs dropped by the Heartless enemies so keep an eye on the damage gauge at the top of the screen.

A good way to defeat the enemies and Shan-Yu at the same time is to save Mulan's Limit, Red Rocket, until a point where Sora is up against both at the same time. When the Heartless are toast, concentrate Sora's attacks on Shan-Yu.

A good strategy is to immediately go into Mulan's Limit, which drains your MP Bar, then focus on Shan-Yu in Valor Form. Valor Form replenishes your MP bar, so when you revert. You can immediately start crisping them with Mulan's Limit. At this point, if he's not dead already, you should only be a couple of hits away to victory.

Shan-Yu is most dangerous when he is pulsating with dark energy. It is advised that Sora should watch out for his Joust ability, which will send Sora across the arena with an upward spiral attack. Both leave him open for attack followed by a combo. When prompted, use the Reaction Command to enter a grapple with Shan-Yu and inflict a lot of damage.

It is also wise to keep an eye out for Shan-Yu's pet hawk, Hayabusa, as it can easily pick Sora with its talons if it gets close. Locking on and attacking the hawk will take it out of the fight momentarily, though it will soon reappear. Attacking the hawk will also release pick ups if needed.

There isn't really too much of a strategy here, but make certain to heal if needed. If Sora dies during the battle, King Mickey will assist him, making this battle easier. However, King Mickey should not be needed, and Shan-Yu should fall relatively easily.


Shan-Yu - Kingdom Hearts II
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